Thursday, May 07, 2009


This week's color is CERISE, a bright shade of PINK. I needed help from the net to find out all about the cerise color. The hexadecimal code that matches this color is DE3163 and it was named for a French word that means cherry. Of course there are different shades of cerise, which makes the whole issue even more complicated and I am still not sure about my choice, I hope it looks cerise on the screen too.

Next week's colour is TURQUIOSE.


  1. Now that is a bright shade of pink I tell ya. I think you did great myself :) Aloha

  2. That's certainly Cerise in my eyes!
    I should have maybe called it HOT PINK, as it was known as that in 1940/50's according to my late Mother.

    The umbrella was perfect Rainbow.

    Best wishes

  3. I'm feeling in the pink! I think you captured cerise beautifully!

  4. I absolutely think your choice is perfect for the color prompt.

  5. I think the french speaking people don't know the real color of cherries either.Everything red can be cerise in fashion fabrics.
    It's true yours is cerise too !

  6. LOL! It's beautiful -- whatever they call it! Actually, I think it is a perfect cerise!

  7. oooh someone is trying to make this color challenge challenging!

  8. I looked up Cerise
    I think your button would very much pass for Cerise...:-)
    or, as Blue would say...."Hot Pink".....
    that does sound a bit saucy...:-/

  9. Perfect choice for cherise (or hot pink). Thanks for visiting my blog. I found you through the comment you left there. I checked out other posts while I was here--you have some fantastic photos! I really enjoy your blog. Very nice.

  10. you know I love this colour and you make me think i adore eating cherries too!

  11. PERFECT! Great Choice, my dear! And a wonderful detailed picture!


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