Thursday, March 19, 2009

Q is for quick

A quick post before leaving to my gym/Pilates class.  Had a - rather not quick- coffee with a friend yesterday morning at this café and I quickly took a single  picture.  Then we headed out to the Wednesday market in our village, which mainly  offers textiles and a few plants. Got a tiny ficus benjamina. The walk was quick because my friend has allergies and she wasn't feeling well despite her meds.


  1. This picture is beautiful, you wouldn't know it was from a cafe. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your morning! Hope your friend is feeling better.

  2. That's a very appealing shot. I hope you enjoy your pilates class. I used to do pilates about 5 years ago and liked it a lot.

  3. The tile with the blue windmill made me smile. It looks so Dutch!
    Have fun in your Pilates class!

  4. Coffee should never be quick! Love that coffee grinder on the shelf!

  5. That's terrible when you have allergies !
    I went this morning to Marcinelle a coal mine where more than 200 Italians died, it is now a memorial site. The trip was organized by the city. Fortunately the sun was shining and the sky so blue, because a mine is really a horrible place. I will write about it.

  6. I so love those wrought iron thingys. (I'm awesome at this hour when it comes to language skills... apologies!)

    Thanks for coming by the MEET n' GREET, Mar! Always fun to have you by... :D

  7. Welcome to spring, when allergies run the show!

    The coffee place looks like it has some good character. I need to get out more!

    ps. Netchick sent me!

  8. Here is a Quick comment:


    btw. We will stay in Germany over the weekend

  9. I've always been told to find and purchase LOCAL fresh pure honey. The honey found that is made locally is by bees who collect the pollen in YOUR area...thus, helping you with allergies of the season.

    Love the photo.


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