Thursday, December 18, 2008

True Colours Thursday: r e d

Most of the above shots are from the past month but a few are also from other years. I love collages since they allow many pictures without making an endless post! The bottom row shows my ceramic wreath, a restaurant in Barcelona before the crowd arrived and part of my heart collection.

True Colours Thursday is brought to you by Poopsie Blue. Who isn't feeling well and probably won't be hosting the meme this week... Get well soon!
Iced-in BJ is hosting TCT today!


  1. I love the little angel circle, collages make me think of Wash & Go, all in one ! I prefer the more generous way ! Space is free my dear !

  2. You definitely have an artist's eye. Your collages look so professional and polished.

  3. I like your collage lots of red perfect.

  4. Very the poinsettia!

  5. Gorgeous reds! I love the poinsettia.

  6. Very pretty collage!! I love the hearts on the bottom right, and love the color!

  7. Very pretty & very red. Love it.

  8. All warm and cosy reds. Just for a cold and wet December day.

  9. He was a player for the NY Yankees baseball team. Tino Martinez

    When we got our yearbooks one year I asked if he would sign mine even though we didn't really hang out or anything cuz I knew he would be famous one day. He was flattered and signed it for me...just his name across his picture. Course now I don't have that yearbook anymore. :(

    My mom went to highschool with Gallagher, but she didn't know him.

  10. What a great collage! I wish my Mommy would have thought of it! We will use that next week(it just makes the post so much shorter like you said!)! What kind of camera do use? I love your pictures!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  11. Oh! This looks like ummmmm 2 months worth of Ruby Tuesdays! LOL! Very nice! This should be a greeting card!

  12. wonderful collection!
    happy holidays!

  13. Beautiful collage.

    Wish you and your Family the very best for your X-Mas hollydays.
    Please return safe and sound.

    T y A

  14. A lovely collage - I've got out of the habit of using them but they are fun - you may have just set a trend.

    TY for playing along in my absense & the 'get well' wishes!

  15. Such beautiful reds! I especially love the hearts!


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