Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It was 7pm...

...yesterday, when we got off the train back from Barcelona. And the moon looked fascinating as always, plus it showed two companions...

See the tiny dot below it?? they explained this morning in the news that it was Venus! so I just had to post my pictures, although they are not prize-winners, simply straight out of the camera. I don't know what the bright spot on the right is, I guess I missed that part of the news. I forgot to mention that I got my camera back on Friday and it's so much fun to have it back!

Update: it was nothing else but the Moon, Venus and Jupiter!! Thanks to June for letting me know!
Check out this lovely shot in Australia, they saw a smiley you don't want to miss!!

And just because this was such a unique event, here's another picture I took (sorry about the quality).

And last, but not least, tonight's update:

This last picture is featured in the Discovery Channel as of 12/05!! I am thrilled, to say the least.


  1. Very good night shot ! I see the camera works again (I don't want to say for how long) The spot on the right side must be Father Christmas in a Ferrari approaching the earth !

  2. I got to see it too...so happy since we've had a lot of cloud cover lately. The other spot is Jupiter. Next time this is going to happen: 2056. Good for you getting a picture.

  3. I'm so glad you got your camera back. Wonderful shots of the moon!

  4. Oh WOW! That is just awesome! I totally missed it -- if we even had it here. A couple of nights ago though I noticed two REALLY BIG and very BRIGHT stars in the sky ... But I didn't notice the moon near them... hmmm...

  5. I saw that yesterday and assumed that the two bodies near the moon must be satelites because they were so bright. Then I heard they were the planets. You did a great job getting their pictures.

  6. What a great capture Mar! I see June says not again until 2056 - you did well!!

  7. Fascinating captures.

    And on top of that:
    Your Camera is back

  8. What beautiful pictures, Mar! We were treated to that view here, as well! I love Venus there, it's spectacular!

  9. it is quite visible here in the Philippines but unfortunately, we've been having rains lately so we're not that lucky to see but for those places that've seen it, it looks like there's a smiley hanging up on the sky:D

  10. That last picture IS a winner!! Lovely!
    I'm afraid we won't get to see this in Belgium, it's very cloudy!

  11. I saw this picture, remembered about the beautiful clear night sky we have tonight, so rushed off to take a picture. I became side-tracked (the story of my life) so here I am, back again to look at yours, having completely forgotten to take any. Yours are a wonderful sight!


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