Monday, October 13, 2008

Have I shown you these?

The above pictures were taken from the hotel room in Liguria, Italy. I loved the peaceful white. The hotel had a large garden in the back, perfect for a little walk.
All of a sudden I looked to the right and I saw... k i w i s! for the first time in my life, I had only seen them at the store and never expected to find them here.

Moreover, they had a whole row of them! this city person was fascinated looking at them.

Didn't take many pictures that day because the light wasn't good. I put off visiting the garden to the very last morning right before leaving, which proved to be wrong: one should get the camera out when the weather conditions are right. Below is a view of the garden and a glimpse of the village from the garden. And a most charming key holder, don't you think!!!


  1. I love that top picture of the furled parasols - beautiful.

    I suddenly realise I have never seen kiwis growing and find myself strangely surprised to see them hanging off a branch. Isn't that ridiculous! I had never thought about it before. It reminds me a little of a friend's child who came running in to her to say "Mummy, Mummy, Grandma makes chips out of potatoes!"

  2. Yes, Kiwis for us looks quite strange. For Mr. Gattino figues, granatäpfel, kiwis etc. was growing in his mother's garden and he was quite surprised that I had never eaten these fruits before !

  3. I just LOVE all these pictures, Mar! I understand why you found those first two so wonderfully artful! And the wall...So Very Pretty! The Kiwi's Too! Delightful!
    That picture of all the house on that hill could have been taken right here in Los Angeles! Isn't that Amazing?

    BTW: In regard to your comment. My parents didn't seperate when I was four----(I will never know why they sent me to camp that time---) They seperated when I was 10 and they sent us to camp at that time, too. What was going on when I was four years old, I have no clue, but I DO think it was a vedry stupid and unthinking thing to do. It is just too young to be sent away for the whole summer.

  4. Nice pics as ever but I really love the first one of the parasols :)

    Sorry I haven't been round much. I have no excuse except life getting in the way of blogging!

  5. You know the first time I had a kiwi, way back when, was at summer camp. We had an Aussie counselor, and she had kiwi's in a can! Up until then, I had never seen or tasted one.
    Now, I love them!!!

  6. No, hadn't seen these...but I do remember one of the first pictures I found here: a shot of blue beach chairs all lined up. Now again, some fine pattern shots. I've come to believe you've got an eye for these kinds of photos.

  7. It alllllll looks lovely to me! I would not have been LOOKING at those kiwi's though ... well... yea... looking at each one as I pulled it OFF the tree! LOL! I looooove kiwi! Didn't you PICK even ONE???

  8. The white furniture and railing outdoors are so beautiful and amazing how they keep them so clean. I've never seen a kiwi anywhere but in a grocery store. That's wonderful to see them growing. Wonderful sequence of shots Mar.

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmm, kiwi! Now I have to go get some at the store. But I bet the store bought kind in the produce have NOTHING in taste over the tree ripened ones right off the tree.

    Love your photo share today Mar.

  10. I've never seen kiwi's growing live either. cool

  11. LOVE the photos and I thought kiwi only grew in Australia! I'd love to pick on right off the tree and eat it.

  12. Love the pictures...and I never knew what kind of plant kiwi grow on...thanks for sharing that. I'm gonna have to show DD...she wants to try one (I'm not a fan of kiwi).

    Love all the white.

  13. I love how you find the beauty of things through your camera lense.

    Hope you are doing well.


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