Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday fill-in # 66

1. Tonight I saw "Meet Joe Black" on TV with a very young Brad Pitt...
2. Spring makes me wanna dance!
3. Splitting a few appetizers between friends is true friendship (splitting the caloWiese mit blühendem Löwenzahn in TharandtImage from Wikipediaries!)
4. There is more than someone I'd like to get to know better.
5. The smell of fresh cut grass reminds me so much of springtime!
6. He kissed me and that made it all better.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home, tomorrow my plans include lunch out in the terrace and Sunday, I want to go out for a long walk (which should include taking pictures!)


  1. Your weekend plans sound wonderful :) So relaxing!

  2. Excellent list... Can't wait to see your pictures from this weekend and I love your new header.

  3. I saw the movie years ago. And I can't remember much about it, other than ===wasn't he 'dead' a spirit? Golly, I may have to watch it again sometime.

    I love how you associate cut grass with Spring.

    Happy day to you Mar!!!

  4. Nice program ! who kissed you ?? and why ?? (I am not curious) I participate today for the first time in "Sky watch". It's like photo hunters only skies on Fridays. Have a look and visit the organizer it's an English guy. Keyhole Pictures"

  5. My friend's parents were extras in that movie :-)

    Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for playing!

  6. I am thinking the same as bob-kat, your weekend does sound peaceful and relaxing. I think that is one of the few movies I have not seen Brad in. I may have to check that out.

  7. Wow... that WOULD be a young Brad Pitt! Even I saw that movie! LONG ago!

    I LOVE your #6!!! That is the sweetest answer I've seen!

  8. Meet Joe Black is such a great film, I can't believe it's over ten years old now!!!

  9. That movie is really good, and Brad Pitt is a hottie in it!! Great list, your weekend sounds wonderful!

    Happy Friday!

  10. Yeah, new pictures from your walk. You always have the best pics here.

  11. Sounds like great plans!! Relaxing for sure. i just take each day as it comes and am happy for that!!


  12. It is so interesting all the things one learns from these MEME's....I lovbed your "fill ins" Mar...! Appitizers ARE!
    I hope you are having a very lovely weekend, my dear Mar.


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