Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cats on tuesday...

Meet Mucki (Moo-key), the neighbors' Siamese cat. Who decided to be adopted by them a couple of years ago. And she has chosen me as the most eligible neighbor to give her an occasional snack.

Once the neighbors were away and Mucki kept coming over here, I had nothing to feed her and I gave her some milk (don't be hard on me, I didn't know better) : she loved it and ever since she keeps coming over for a dairy snack. Then I heard milk isn't good for adult cats but what can I do if Madame wants the real thing? it doesn't seem to cause her stomach troubles... is skim milk any better??

Mucki is carefree as she is always on the go, but she 's right here whenever another cat shows up in my garden. I have been trying hard to get a nice portrait of her and her blue eyes, but she doesn't think it is time yet.


  1. Milk from time to time cannot harm a cat ! It's like cigarettes (excuse the comparison) for years cats were brought up with milk, milk was declared as the cat's favourite and now it's suddenly bad ! For years people smoked and now it's bad too !
    My cats don't like milk, problem solved. Muki is a beauty ! It takes time to make good photos of a cat, they never pose, lol !
    Here it is the same, when Monsieur has forgotten something or doesn't find something it is always my fault !

  2. Mucki is lovely! :) Many cats are lactose intolerant, and so milk can give them stomach problems, but other cats aren't lactose intolerant, and so they can drink milk with no problems.

  3. Muki is truly beautiful. I love Siamese!!

  4. many cats are lactose intolerant, but some aren't. If Mucki's tummy is fine, then milk is fine - a little anyway. :)

    Pooh bear LOVED milk as a kitten, but stopped wanting it as he developed the intolerance. :)

  5. I like your attitude, Mar: "she doesn't think it's time yet" for that photo of her eyes. But I really do think that one you have here is great. Just one eye. Very pretty!

  6. What a cute cat and how kind of you to let her adopt you! :)

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  8. Oops, let's try again...
    ~Hello, Michele sent me~ I love Siamese...nice pictures...I used to have one named Seven. :)

  9. You know... SOMEtimes I think your way is the best way to own a cat! Ownership by proxy! (that's only when I'm changing kitty litter or opening the door for the 400th time a day!) Yes... I do both - because I have one that stays IN and one that goes OUT. LOL! I create the best of both worlds for myself, don't I??? Annnnyway... I think that is a very SWEEEEET little kitty-kollage you made!

  10. She is so pretty! and like everyone has said...a little milk won't hurt her.

    They used to say that giving dogs table scraps was a bad thing...but now vets are saying it isn't so bad. why the change? cuz most people are eating healty foods now so the dogs aren't living on baccon & fat.

  11. Great photos. Mucki has a certain sophisticated look.
    How wonderful that you adopted her.

  12. Mucki is darling! So you have a Cat Visitor....Maybe you should try and ween her to something else...Put a little cat food in the milk...and eventually reduce the milk so it's just Cat Food!
    I am always amazed how Cats find a lovely place to visit and get a wonderful snack. Cats Are Very Smart!

  13. Oh what a nice name "Mucki " for a lovely cat !
    Our Luzie loves to drink milk too. I give her cat milk or canned milk. that is better for digestive.
    The other cats don´t like milk.
    Happy Tuesday!

  14. I don't give my kitties milk.
    I do however give them something
    called Cat-Sip, real milk your
    pet can digest. It is 1% Lowfat
    Lactose-free milk with Taurine.
    Pet stores carry it. I give it
    to my kitties only occasionally
    and they love it!

  15. You're sweet to give her a milky snack - even if it isn't good for her.

  16. Mucky, the siamese, is so cute! It is right years ago we gave milk to cats. My Mystic, siamese too, can't support it. but the others like it.

  17. My vet has told me that occasional skim milk won't hurt so much. They actually sell a lactose tolerant kitty milk here now but I only have one cat that likes it. I let him have my cereal bowl when I am done, isn't that awful. My mother would die!!!

    The blue eye in the beginning was just striking! So lovely!

  18. We used to give our Siamese the ice-cream bowls to lick when we finished dessert!


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