Tuesday, March 25, 2008

not good for my carpal tunnel but fun!

61 words

Speed test

I saw this test most likely in your very own blog but I forgot, so pls remind me in the comments! It was fun taking this test ... but not as fun as skiing!! the season is over, at least for the Mar family, althought it looked like the beginning of the season when we left the French Alps two days ago. Loads of fresh snow...

The typing test reminded me of those typing classes in highschool. Not good for my carpal tunnel, though ( confirmed by electrodiagnostic tests). I had an "open hand" surgery scheduled for this coming Saturday, right after the skiing holiday ...which I am about to cancel. Because what's hurting now is my little finger and that is not a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome! I will be seeing my doctor on Friday anyways and now I 'd like to try alternatives before any further decisions.

Surgery meant not being allowed any house chores for a while and that was such a nice thought! Enough medical report, I am off to my Pilates class, grocery shopping and oh, blogging and commenting. Let routine brighten up the day!


  1. Nice to "see" you back !! This time I am sure you had a lot of snow ! This morning when I looked out the window it had snowed really a lot !! All cats are offended (I included)and refuse to go out ! You made me work so early in the morning with your posh desease "Carpal tunnel" I looked it up in my dictionary but the German word is the same only with a K ! Wikipedia then explained to me what it was and that it is due to obesity and pregnancy which I think is not your case. Be careful with surgery if it is a nerve sometimes a kinesitherapeute can help.

  2. Welcome back Mar :) Glad to hear that you had a good time skiing but sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel syndrome and bad finger. I know how painful these thingscan be!

    I scored very low on the test but then I never learned to type! Interestingly I am much faster when I type things that I want to say, even though I don't use all my fingers!

  3. Welcome home, Mar. Best thing I ever did was get the carpal tunnel's done, both wrists. Haven't had a problem since.
    I type painfully slow. Sort of goes along with my brain! LOL

  4. Hi Mar, Good to see you back. Best of luck with your hands. I'm so sorry that's still a problem and hope a solution is in sight. Makes sense to explore the new symptom with your doc before going through with the surgery.

  5. I avoided that carpal tunnel surgery yeeeeeeeeeears ago by simply "resting" my hands for about 6 weeks! THAT was absolute torture! I think I would have rather had the surgery -- but the fact is that either way, it's six weeks of not being able to use your hands! I'm holding out for simpler surgery with quicker recoup time! Or a pill! LOL! In the meantime - I just keep aggravating it!

  6. I'm a bit scared to try that test and see how bad my typing skills have declined. I know I have a really bad habbit of backing up to fix my mistakes...not so good on the speed thing.

    ooh ouch! I hope your doc can come up with something for you. I know that my body is rebeling against all my computer time...even DD gets her two fingers going to sleep on her from the computer.

  7. Hello Mar! Nice you had good time in Alps! sorry to learn about your carpal tunnel! But the best is to see with the doctor, of course. Pierre had the same thing and finally all is ok now.

  8. Welcome back, Mar. I hope that you find out what is wrong with your hand and that you won't have to have surgery!

  9. Welcome back bella. Glad you had a good time skiing. I hope that surgery is avoided but if not I hope it goes well !

  10. I think you have made a wise decision Mar...Perhaps there is something else that can help your situation...I would do the same, myself...Look for alternative ways to "cure" what ails me.....Surgery is always there if you need it...Meanwhile, Much Good luck with finding out why that little finger is hurting!

    So happy to know you had a WONDERFUL time on your Skiing Excursion!

  11. I am a rubbish 37 words per minut and had a load wrong too! My mum had to have the carpal tunnel syndrome op - very painful it was :o(

    how the heck are you!!!!!!!
    i am well... busy but doing a-ok!
    miss you... i recently started reading you again... thanks to FEEDBLITZ! i have been using it for some time to keep updated with barbaras blog but didnt realize i could add any blog to it that i wanted so of course you were one i added and now i receive a nice little email everytime you update and i can read your entry right in my email! i love it!!!!!
    anyway... i used to have a typing test on my blog.. not the same one though! gotta run but i'll still be lurking and reading! xoxo!


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