Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen [ 70 ] : randomness

01. Hosted three American university students over the weekend. One of the young ladies is a distant cousin's daughter.
02. Not really, but her mom is a cousin in my American host family , the one from the time I spent my senior year in the US as an exchange student.
03. In the mid seventies, has it really been that long?
04. All cousins instantly became my distant cousins, lol.
05. They are spending one semester in Ireland. The 3 young ladies, not the cousins!!
06. My pc suffered strange changes overnight. It was Monday night.
07. As a result everything is different now...
08. my pictures have a different path but at least I found them and now I have a current security copy
09. all saved bookmarks are gone, IE left...
10. the keyboard switched the position of the signs but not the letters so I can at least type
11. I checked and there was only a minor pest which could have been ignored, so that was not the reason.
12. Therefore I have no clue what happened but I will send my pc in for an inspection because it had been acting weird lately...
13. I got to nr. 13 quicker than I thought I would. Not an exciting list but hey , it's done! And now I have time to go out to take pictures of signs around town. Laura at Vitamin Sea started this meme. Just one or many pictures of signs from your area to be posted this Saturday, Laura is only asking players to leave their link here by tomorrow. Sounds fun to me so wish me luck in finding neat signs! Better yet, wish me luck uploading the pics to my pc! as I mentioned before, it isn't being cooperative...

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  1. Thanks for your comment I didn't realize that I wrote twice the same quote and others either except you which really proves how people read, lol !
    I hope the girls were very pretty so that your son had something to look at, (see in me a son mother) I don't understand what happened to your computer, there must be a virus in or it is bewitched.

  2. aren't computers fun? I'm on vacation with my family and my sister's family and our parents... and my stepfather all week has been working on my mother's computer. yesterday they went to the apple store and I think I've talked her into converting. I never have trouble like that, knock on wood! :)

  3. My computer also sometimes don't strange thing, maybe need new computer :D

    Will you visit mine :D Thanks

  4. Love that list... So sorry to hear your computer has taken on a personality of it's own.

  5. Hope you can find some good signs for the meme. And hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your pc.

  6. Strange about he computer. Hope it can be sorted out.
    Thanks also for your comment. I now have a 13A on my list!

  7. Thursday Thirteen!! Well I started my own a few weeks back called Thursday Dozen. I use the alphabet and tell things about me. oh, I mean it is really exciting!! smile.. Come over and maybe it will give you a good laugh.
    I did not know you were an exchange student!! How wonderful!! We had our first one when i was a senior and she and i became best of friends. She nows lives here in the USA!! Sandy

  8. I hate it when my Computer is on the blink. Just drives me bonkers. Sorry yours is misbehaving, hope all will be well soon - Jennifer

  9. Remember Hal in A Space Oddessy? I always think computers have a bit of Hal in them, a mind of their own.

    I love the keyboard bag below!

  10. Yikes, I need to back my stuff up (if that's what you call it) before my computer takes a dive on me and I lose everything..

  11. Yikes. Good luck getting the computer straightened out!

  12. I would like to learn in Germany when I was 19 years old but just at this moment I met Pierre and then I had just one idea in mind: to stay with him.
    Hope you computer 's problem will soon resolve.

  13. How much fun having college kids at the house! My daughter wants so bad to go to college abroad, I'm not ready for that. LOL

    I am getting a Internet Explorer Warning, that shuts your site down when I pop in...I had to go to your comments really fast! LOL Sounds like you may have had a virus. Hope the computer problems work out!!

  14. Oh dear you, I know how you feel when your pc do not cooperate and work like expected. Doeas we take it for granted?
    Sometimes I wonder to hang up to an IBM Mainframe, which uptime is 99,99999%. Compared to a Windows machines we talk about days during a year ( 1% less is 3,65 days a year)Imagine that when you have a business dependent on 24/7 all year round.

    PS. Did I really forget to say:
    Great TT

  15. Oh I am going to do that SIGN Meme on Saturday, too, Mar....I checked with her and mentioned some sifns I have, since I cannot go out to get some more....I think this is such a FUN Idea, don't you?

    Have you ever seen THE DANCER UPSTAIRS? Javier is quite wonderful in that film....I've seen two other pictures of his, BESIDES this most recent Oscar Winner....The Sea Inside, and I cannot remember the name of the other one...(He played a writer--A real person, who struggled with all sorts of things, including AIDS, and in the end of the picture, he kills himself...WONDERFUL Movie.....!)
    Anyway....I know SPAIN must be so very proud of him, and rightfully so!

  16. I meant to say also, Mar....THat Computers are confounding at times, aren't they? Sometimes I feel like I could just throw mine over my Deck down into my garden, I get so exasperated...!
    I hope your PC people can figure out what is happening with it and get it all "well"!

  17. How FUN for you -- having 3 teens around the house for the weekend! They really spice things up, don't they?

    I do hope your computer problems get solved soon. It's awful how we've come to rely sO much on them!

  18. I'm sorry you're having PC troubles. That's no fun at all. Good luck finding signs which does sound like fun. I hope your computer will cooperate.

  19. Oh... PC weirdness is not good!

    Happy Leap Day to you!! =)

  20. Sorry for whatever happened to your computer, mar. Hope it will be cleared up.

  21. Thanks for visiting my TT trees slideshow!


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