Thursday, January 24, 2008

a trip in pics (3)

We visited Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda's beach house in Isla Negra, which is currently a museum and a lovely touristic spot to visit, about 90min away from Santiago.

Neruda, a lover of the sea and all things maritime, built the home to resemble a ship with low ceilings, and narrow passageways. A passionate collector, every room has a different collection of bottles, ship figureheads, maps, ships in bottles, and an impressive array of shells and masks. It is truly a magical place, the guided tour was great and showed us poetry all over... Pictures were not allowed inside the museum, I could only take pictures outdoors, which I will post later on.

The house overlooks the Pacific Ocean:


  1. The house looks rather modest but the view is gorgious ! Since a few days I have Google reader, and just checking I saw that you had published. I start to like it, lol !

  2. Oh I would take the house and the views any day of the week. Beautiful!

  3. Sounds FUN! A man after my own heart! I hate when they won't let you take pics inside!

  4. What a great view!

    Most of the places I've gone to that didn't allow pictures inside had picture books for sale in the gift shop so you do get to have pictures of the inside. Actually I found the picture books to be better cuz they didn't have all those other tourists in the pictures. hee hee

    looks like you're having a great time!

  5. Looks like a lovely place to visit from the outside. The inside sounds very interesting with all of the collections. I was able to imagine it from your description even though you couldn't take photographs inside.

  6. That house looks really cool, I would love to see the inside too!

    And I would die to have a house in that location!!

    It reminds me of a huge house I've seen in Peru (small beach town south of Lima) where the guy built his house, inside and out, from scraps of things he found.

    Although I must this house you visited in Chile looks much nicer than that one and seems like it was put together in a much more organized and presentable fashion :)

  7. oh wow - such a beautiful warm looking paradise!

  8. Just a poet need to find inspiration! He couldn't find a better place! I'd like to live at this home!

  9. Oh my look at that water...Just a beautiful photo. Wish I could have a few moments there to defrost. It is so very cold here right now.


  10. beautiful and breathtaking view of the great Andes and Pacific Ocean.

    have a wonderful trip!

    *sorry for not being able to comment couple of weeks ago, I was on my way offshore after posting comments. just came back 3 days ago. :)

  11. Dear Mar...I've missed these posts....But I will scroll down and catch up! What a great tour1 Fascinating and I love that at least we are nearthe same Ocean here....(lol) The things on the inside of the house sound most wonderful!!

  12. When I see and read things like this it makes me feel I should move. I love the ocean so, why am I so far from it now? I loved seeing Pablo Neruda's house.

  13. That's a great view.
    Have not been there . The closest is Viña del Mar and San Antonio / Llolleo to the South.
    I wonder who would be be the 3rd Chillean to win the Nobel Prize in litterature?


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