Tuesday, December 18, 2007

sand sculptures (1)

We got to visit the sand sculptures in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a few days ago, the first picture shows you the place as seen from the 9th floor.

Eight of the world's best sand sculptors amaze us with their art, having shaped over 300 tonnes of sand to represent the most significant Christmas scenes: from the Annunciation to Baby Jesus in the Manger to the Three Wise Men bearing gifts.

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They told us they use a special fine spray to harden the sand when the sculpture is ready, to protect the fine works from the breeze and the humidity.

We are having local difficulties with our internet connection so I haven't been around and I will be happy if the system lets me post this last picture, you'll know there is more to come when you see it (click to enlarge) :


  1. Wow!!! beautiful you are a lucky gal.... you get to see a lot of beautiful things...

  2. I LOVE sand sculpture! And I LOVE that nativity! The OH SO pregnanty Mary is just awesome!

    My sunrises are up for your viewing pleasure!

  3. These are always just so amazing, aren't they?!! We have them annually here where we live too, and I never tire of viewing them...and watching the sculptors at work.

    I was just at Melli's sunrise/sunset tag...how awesome.

    Have a super day mar!!

  4. I'm back like a wart that just won't go away....
    Anyway, after I posted my first comment I went back and you had commented on my blog so I had to come back and re-read your 5 'wishes
    ...I think your number 5 is best!!!

    I'd have to agree with that whole-heartedly.

  5. wow! That's so beautiful and amazing how they get that. How lucky you are to see these in person.

  6. I don't think I have ever seen such spectacular sand sculptures. So clever.

  7. I got this weird message about my comment...So, I don't know if it went through or not...BLOGGER is sooo screwed up these days....Let's see if this one Registers...! OY!

    Thios is fanrtastic! A true work of art!!!
    I said more but I'm not sure I can recreate the same comment....Anyway, THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

  8. Oh man, those are so fabulous! I love the detail. Probably my favorite are the camels.

  9. Beautiful sculptures. I like the pregnant woman, that is so sweet.


  10. These are obviously some very inspired artists! Was able to take some photos too of similar sculptures in Boracay, Aklan, Philippines. Will look for them and share.

  11. All the sand sculptures is gorgeous, but I must admit that the horse head in the last one is my favorite :-)

  12. Beautiful! This is the first Christmas-inspired sand sculpting theme I've seen. Thanks for sharing the sights with us. And hello, Michele sent me. :)



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