Monday, December 10, 2007

more Xmas spirit

Although the final destination was Gran Canaria , we first had to go to Hamburg, Germany, which might not make much sense geographically but it allowed me to visit the charming Christmas markets located downtown. Temperatures around 10ºC/ 50ºF were mild for the season and perfect for a winter stroll to suit my taste! The local cafés actually had tables outside and people were merrily chatting out in the streets around a cup of coffee or Gluehwein (German mulled wine). Loved the smell of fresh baked Christmas goodies and mulled wine, the German carols in the background were just beautiful. It had been 15 years since I last spent some time there during Christmas time. This is the Rathausmarkt below:

Rathausmarkt / Town Hall from the other side. The swans are no longer swimming here but in their winter shelter. While it may be colorful elsewhere, Germans love white lights and no blinking! for Christmas.

Last quick picture before leaving Hamburg: this huge wreath was hanging at the airport. It was 5:30 am...

Updated to satisfy Melli's curiosity ! Here you can see get a better idea of the wreath's dimension, thanks to the internet:

And then we headed out to the Canary Islands. And that will come in another post, stay tuned!


  1. That's exactly what I do, I go from Waterloo over Paris to Brussels, lol ! How did this come into your mind ? It's not really the right way ! The market looks very nice, I will take some pictures on saturday there he Christmas market starts in Waterloo, but it is very poor against the German once !

  2. It's all so beautiful! I wish I were there with you.

  3. Beautiful pics Mar! I love to see cities LIT up for Christmas!!! It really warms the heart!

    I'm betting that we do not get a good "feel" for HOW BIG that wreath at the airport really was! Ya think?

  4. Travel agents or your chamber of commerce & travel should be paying you lots of're a great advertisement for us all coming to Europe to see you and your beautiful country.

    Now if only I had some money & time. hee hee

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures...I'll have to put them in my "I wanna go here one day" book.

  5. Hamburg looked BEAUTIFUL! I like all the little white lights..It is quite elegent that way, isn't it?
    That Wreath is HUGE....!

    From the map, it looks quite a way from Hamburg to The Canary Islands.....Amazing how quickly we can get from one place to another, these days....I feel like I have taken a little bit of this trup with you, Mar....I LOVE That!

  6. I so miss the European Christmas Markets!

  7. Beautiful pictures of the lights! They never seem to show up on my efforts :( The blue tree in the previous post was lovely but I think I prefer the white.

  8. The photos are very nice; I love the white lights at night - and the fact that they don't blink is a real plus!

  9. These pictures make me miss Germany. I want to go back some day. I can't wait to see your next photos. I'm glad you stopped by. :)

  10. I love white lights outside during the Christmas season. You pictures are beautiful!!!

  11. What beautiful pictures. That looks like a place you need to see to appreciate fully. Thanks for letting us visit through pictures.
    Enjoy the Canary Islands!

  12. Beautiful photographs and I also love the one in the post above from the air.

    I would love to visit the Christmas markets in Hamburg. When I was in Germany, it was brief, and I only saw Ulm. Mulled wine is my favorite holiday drink. This whole post is helping me get more in the Christmas mood.


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