Tuesday, November 06, 2007

look: no flash!

In case you missed my prior post: I have a new camera, bear with me! this post is dedicated to my dear friend Melli because we both have openly told the world that we have difficulties taking night pictures. No tripod involved here, maybe I just lucked out. Had a busy Monday and too many clouds so it wasn't a good day for pictures. Since this is for Melli, here is our main local Catholic church . It is in the very heart of our village so I often walk by ...



  1. Congratulations on the new camera. I am sure you will spend many a happy hour with it :)

    I love the top pic of the fire!

  2. Michele sent me back to admire your photo's again. I love the sky in the last pic. I bet it would look great in Black and white with that dramatic angle, the sky adn the striking lines!

  3. Congratulations to the new camera !
    Internet connection works well and I only pay 2.50 euro per hour !! of course the keyboard is awful but i will get used to it.
    Tomorrow we will go to Luxor !

  4. Oh, I wanna warm up by that fire!!!!! We have such a gray and rainy weather.

    Looks like your new camera is a hoot. Actually, I knew about this camera before. That was one of the ones I were checking up in case I should buy a smaller one. Now I have a big one and the mobile camera instead.

    For a while, butt I'm planning on buying a thin one later, I'm just waiting for the right one to be released. I have rather many demands...

  5. Those first two picturss are WONDERFUL, Mar...And I like the Church pictire, too. But that first one is really beautiful as is the second.

  6. I think you will have good time with your new camera! The vacation comes at end now! Just tomorrow!
    But I have still the house full of young tonight in case where I could bory!!! Ha, ha!

  7. Wow, the new camera and you take great pictures....

  8. Ohhhhhhh my goodness! Would ya LOOK at that? WOW! That's awesome! Okay... I want to see some distance shots in the city - at night! With lights and such! THIS is lookin' GOOD Mar!!! You're my test pilot ya know! Gooooooo get 'em girl!!!

    Love that candle... and that fire... mmmmmm....


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