Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the damage's done...

A small spot in my garden was devastated last Sunday. This succulent plant truly looked glorious, like a huge green ball...

"We" (I only watched!) had to cut a branch of a tall pine tree which was dangerously growing towards the house. We were afraid of heavy wind storms damaging the tree and consequently our home.

The tree trimmings devastated a spot in the garden on their way down, there was no way we could have protected the innocent...The plants will recover, though, and I can plant the broken parts again. The tree's small branches and logs will end up in our fire place. It's cloudy today.. I have to add that we are very spoiled: we all feel uncomfortable when the sun doesn't shine over here. Nobody is truly awake and a bad mood spreads out... Then we realize what an important source of energy the sun is, in every meaning!

Updated after the second comment: because the sun came out !!


  1. It is always so hard to trim a plant that is doing well. I am sure if you give it some time it will be happy again.

    Hope everything is going well with you. Take care.


  2. We had an early snow this year that broke off the top half of my apple tree. I was so sad to loose that much of the tree since it produced 14 dozen apples this year.

    I miss the sun too.

  3. A garden is beautiful with trees but sometimes causes troubles we have that with our wheeping willow tree !
    We have another show tonight when I come back I have to show some little videos !

  4. I'm glad the sun came out. I know how hard it is to have trees trimmed and also to deal with the damage below. I used to have a more conventional garden than I do now, and went through that issue many times. It's hard to see the damage and I hope the recovery in your garden will be evidenced by spring if not before.

  5. Ahhh! I'm glad the sun came out! And you are right - the poor little succulent WILL rebound! That, of course, is assuming that I am not the one taking care of it!!! (and I will not be - good news for you!) But I can already smell the pine logs burning! Mmmmmm mmmm!

  6. I know how painful it is when these things happen and you have to do "durgery"...we just had to do some on Saturday, too, with a BEAUTIFUL Plant that was rotting on the inside---It always breaks my heart...But, as you say...The Plants will come back...(That is if you don't have to remove the entire plant....
    I'm so glad the sun came out again, my dear...It makes such a difference in "mood" doesn't it?

  7. yes...but jade plants grow back quickly...and you can replant all the little bits very easily!

  8. Well, plants have a remarkable capability to recover yes.

    Oh, and the sun... We don't see much of it at all over here at this time of the year and that's affecting us of course. That's why I always nag about going to the warmth. And even move somewhere south.

    A tiny hope have been popping up here again, that maybe it's possible to travel south again soon, because Miss Ass. Lifecruiser is on the way to recover as it looks right now and she might be able to move soon after all! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

    She is looking for something in Spain and we're welcome to stay at her place in that case and who knows, maybe we will follow her example!

    So maybe even you and I will be able to meet up some day in 2008 :-)


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