Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen [62] : on links, awards, a stolen post and parties

  • 01. Heavy rain is causing major problems in different parts of the country. Yes: the rain in Spain... It breaks my heart to see those flooded homes and I repeat to myself I always want to live like I do now: on a small hill!!
  • 02.
    I got this wonderful treat from the just as wonderful Hootin' Anni . She is handing out a treat daily and welcomes passing it around but not among friends. It is her wish that we reach NEW ones by choosing random visitors.

  • 03. Therefore....the treat goes to (in no particular order):
    - Joyismygoal
    - mousey
    - tanabata
    - Lori
    - Starrlight
    Enjoy it and please remember to link back to Hootin' Anni!

  • 04. Our fabulous Barbara won a well deserved I'm Fabulous Award and shared it ... with me! Thank you Barbara, thank you very much: you are a very special and generous blog friend to many of us, you are truly totally fabulous.
    The totally fabulous award is a joint creation originated during a coffee break! Barbara knows me and she knows I have a strong tendency to keep the awards for myself (ha! because normally one cannot include a whole blogroll as recipient!) and she pointed out the "obligation to pass this award on"...Only because it is you, Barbara, and you shared it with me only : I feel the pressure. It is still a very hard decision...
  • 05. I am sharing this award with kenju, a truly fabulous blogger I have been reading since the odd times when I didn't have a blog! She is kind, artistic, keeps her sense of humor even during difficult times, she is fabulous!
  • 06. This is something even I could do!!
  • 07. Family stickers thanks to Katherine. I made this one in anticipation of our ski vacation:
  • 08. This list is for me : the top 10 rules of puctuation
  • 09. This is the first time I steal a whole post:
    What is the oldest thing you own? What is the newest? from That's my answer!

  • 10 . And my answer is a) a golden necklace given to me by my parents in my early teens and b) two t-shirts I got this week.
  • 11. I still have some cake left from my birthday earlier this month. A truly grand one
  • 12. was made specially for me by our fabulous Sanni, thanks for a delicious treat!
  • 13. Last but not least, here is the party for all bloggers you don't want to miss!

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  1. Aw, I got one of the treat awards too! I think it's the sweetest thing :)

    Hope you have a happy Thursday!

  2. OOOOHhh you're so sweet and deserving thanks for passing that tome what a sweetie

  3. As ever this is a great list, the awards are well deserved and also thanks for the punctuation list!

    I have seen pictures of the flooding in Spain. I know some people in Calpe which has been hit quite hard. The storm drains flooded adn so did the sea front part of the town.Many houses were flooded, cars washed out to sea and the sea defences destroyed. Water is so destructive as we saw here in teh UK earlier this year.

  4. Now THAT is a neat way to do all the awards and paying it forward! I like your idea here.

    AND!!! No photo of you necklace your parents got for you when a teenager? *disappointed*

    My T T is published, won't you drop by? Have a great day mar!!!

  5. Mar, I am honored! Thanks you so much for sharing your award, and for the kind words. I could say the same about you - being nice and all!

  6. This was a sweet post. Was that a real picture of your cake? My birthday is Friday, and I know I won't get anything like that. :-( Hpapy TT!

  7. Great list, and I think I will have a piece of cake!

  8. Ah, nice random list. I never seem to be able to do them... *giggles*

    Rain in Spain yes. We've had it here too. I'll remember your note about having a home at a hill....

    I still love that bday cake. It's truly marvelous.

    Oh, thanks for the shout out about the Halloween party. The more the merrier!

  9. Lots of good stuff going on. Congrats on your awards and happy (late) b-day.

  10. Happy to read that you also joined the totally fabulous Bloggers ! I wonder what comes next !
    I am busy with the preparation of our Exposition this weekend. The whole morning we hang up the pictures. i.e. one was working and the other 14 were standing around and giving good advices ! Tomorrow afternoon we do the rest.

  11. Thanks for the Halloween treat! :)
    Happy Thursday!

  12. That cake looks really yummy.
    Hope you are doing well.


  13. have been hearing about the damage the rain is causing in Spain (sp Mallorca) on the danish radio. muy triste, no?
    Mar, that cake looks to die for!! did you celebrate it in Germany? (just wondering due to the greeting on the cake, hehe)

  14. And we need rain here!

    It's only the comma that sometimes confounds me.

  15. So cute. Love that cake - Happy Birthday to you!!

    Happy TT!

  16. that remindes me that my daughter got a "you're a treat" award...and she doesn't even have her own blog. LOL! I guess I should get her one now.

  17. Congratulations for the award. You really deserve it. Barbara surely knows who to pass it on to.
    Thanks for the visit.

  18. Congratulations!!!

    Thanks for dropping by. I know I have been away too long and I really missed out on a lot. Was away for months on a trip and since I got back, I had to attend to a lot of backlogs at work. Today, my blood pressure is up so I was advised to stay home. Since I'm feeling better, I decided to do some blogging. I will try posting soon.


  19. Lots of interesting things here today Mar...LOVE the idea of THE FABULOUS AWARD...LOL! AND YOU ARE FABULOUS, My is Kenju!
    Are you alreadsy thinking about Skiing??? LOL! Time is certainly flying....!

  20. What an eclectic TT! Hadn't heard you'd had so much rain. My TT is up.

  21. Sounds like you are having a great time blogging. Krnju is a reat choice for a fab award.

  22. Thank you....I did miss this!! I will have to return the favor and pass it on when I get home from work today!! It wouldnt let me leave a comment on your WW because I have alot of security stuff at work but I thought your pic was funny:) Happy WW.


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