Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Melli's birthday bash

Welcome to Melli's Birthday Bash! She is a year wiser today and it's the special five-o !Kindly click here to wish her a very happy birthday , we'll wait right here for you to come back and join the bash!!

On such a special date we'd like to celebrate the way the virtual world allows it nowadays, like instant trips covering long distances (to add the international flare I am supposed to be in charge of...) and delicious food with none-zero-nada calories! isn't that wonderful! (click to enlarge the images)

As this blog's home is Spain we should first stop for some tapas before we hop to Gran Canaria, since Melli loves the beach :

then quickly come back to Barcelona for a birthday parade and some more beach :)

I guess we should have a little Portuguese pastry and enjoy a ride on an electric streetcar in Lisbon too

before we go to the beautiful city of Marseille in France and then for a stroll trough Hamburg's shopping mile where Melli can choose her present(s), with an unlimited budget, of course. I am sure the rest of us can find something too.

Let's visit another beach, this time is Rapallo at the Italian Riviera where we can have some delicious cakes...

and some fine sparkling wine, because quoting Lazy Daisy:
Like a fine wine....She only improves with age!

Here is a new statue for Melli to climb up: it's one of Botero's horses and
it can be found at the Barcelona airport...!

Melli's progressive birthday party is being hosted by the following party ladies blogs:

Birthday Cake....Beckie
Party Hats....Jen
Streamers and confetti's... Daisy
Balloons and Birthday Song ... Floozie
Ice Cream and Punch....Cozy
International flare... yours truly
Party Game.... Lady Bug
Presents Game....Barbara
The birthday blog!...Melli

you shouldn't miss a single one!

I stole this button from Barbara

Thanks Michael (see 3rd comment) for this tip, whichever way you found out about the bday bash:

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  1. Sorry Melli I need new glasses I thought it said someone else bday

    let me try again

    HAPPY BDAY Melli

  2. Happy birthday to melli.I tried wishing her at her blog--but for some reason the page kept freezing.So I'm aying it here.
    Lovely photos!

  3. Wow.....mouthwatering dishes.....picturesque post cards...Very happy birthday to you....may God bless you....keep posting...Bye...Take Care....


  4. Wonderful birthday party ! Prepare yourself to do the same for me when I reach the 70th !! (Still a little time left) You can already start today, lol ! Only thing is poor Melli has to jump all over Europe I hope she will get all plain, train and bus connections !

  5. Mar - Wow! This is a deluxe party! How did you get all the passports ready so quickly?

  6. Mar, what a great quick trip around Europe!!
    I loved it - and I know Melli will too!!

  7. WOW Mar...you really know how to entertain!!! Now that I'm completely stuffed, tipsy and EXHAUSTED, I'm going to take a quick nap and head out for the rest of the treats!

    WELL DONE!!!! and thank you!

  8. YUMMY stuff. I love the tapas and the pastry. I think I better run on the beach to get rid of some calories......NOT!!!
    You really know how to entertain in Barcelona. What did you think of my splunch....I mean punch.
    Excuse me....I need to refill the bowl!

  9. HOLY Guacamole! (oh... NO guacamole!) MAR! Such PERFECT entertainment for travel-bug me!!! How DID you get my passport together? I haven't even APPLIED yet! LOL! Never mind... Don't Ask, Don't Tell! Right? WOW! *brushes off some sand* I knEW I would love Barcelona! Imagine them doing a PARADE just for me!!! (does EVERYone get a parade for their 50th birthday here?) Amazing! And I have to admit I do LOVE that horse! Can't wait to climb up there and ride him! Got the camera ready?

  10. I'll take the guacamole, if Melli doesn't want it!! Am SO enjoying my tour, Mar!! I feel right at home here!!! *hugs*

  11. Man, I am so loving this party...to get to go to Spain!!! I have always wanted to go!! Now just because my friend is 50 I get to go!! What a lovely place and you are a great hostess!! I have my digital camera!! Boy these are going to be fantastic pictures too.

  12. Mar - This is so much fun! I am glad Floozie has her camera, for evidentiary purposes.

  13. OMG! this bday party is going to kill me.... Everything I love is included here... TAPAS here I come!!! I'll have a smashing time!

    Someone, help me to drink this bottle of Dom gigglewater!!!!


    Let's party!!!!!

    *spraying the whole place with Dom*

  14. OY! ~~Dancing with Dom~~ *dripping in the stuff* Ohhhhh Mar! We are just having too much fun! I'm feeling a bit WARM though... I think I might have to take a wee little DIP in the ocean! hehehe... RACE ya!

  15. Did somebody say "beach"...woohoo!

    I'm luvin' this parrrtay!!

  16. What a great Birthday Meme for a great blogger friend - how nice of you Mar and thanks for reminding us!

    I've been visit her of course and sang the song for her. Also I've sent her a special Birthday Card, just because she deserves it!

  17. Is there any guacamole left???? I love that stuff. I took a little nap and am feeling MUCH better so let's crank this party up!
    Hey Melli....are you enjoying being 50!!!

  18. Wow Mar, I flew to Canada today to be with my grand baby....thought I'd check in on the Barcelona birthday bash. Very impressive! Great food, scenery, even a parade.

  19. Mar, hope that you have also had a good day celebrating Melli's birthday!! i think that we all did a great job surprising her!! She is a well gal!!

  20. Mar - You really know how to entertain. I forgot my bathing suit, is it mandatory? This is Europe, right?

  21. Well thank goodness for Melli's Birthday cause I had a wonderful time at her celebration. You throw one good party.

    Take care,


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