Monday, September 03, 2007

marriage meme

Our almost-birthday Melli tagged me with this meme, down the memory lane. Here are my short, short answers!

Where did you meet your husband?
It was at a friend's birthday party. So it's easy to remember that date in 1984

What was the first thing you said to your husband?
Probably HI ! He came to us, I was talking to a girlfriend.

Where was the first kiss? first date?
We went to a local pub called The Clock on our first date.

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
We dated less than one year.Our engagement was exactly one week long. We wanted to make sure we knew where the rings were, lol.

Where did you get engaged?
At my parents' house. My mother wanted that he formally asked for my hand... well, I am the oldest daughter.

Where did you get married?
We only had the civil ceremony in Santiago, Chile (see pic)

How did the reception go?
Reception was a couple of days later! at my parents' home with more friends than family, it was casual and fun.

How was the honeymoon?
It is still pending, we had no time then since we had to move to Germany.


Our always wonderful Gattina gave me this brand new award - the Blogging Star Award, which has been created by Barb at Skittles'Place . She has created it for bloggers who shine their light throughout the Blogoshere, with humor, creativity, or with their kind and thoughtful natures. I still have to find out how I fit in, but thanks anyways, Gattina, I truly appreciate your kind gesture. I am not passing it on to others because my list would be too long...every single one of the blogs I read deserves one of this because I have got taste , that's why I simply cannot choose just a few, I think you will understand! maybe I shouldn't keep it then, what do you think?? This blog doesn't tag, doesn't pass awards on, tsk, tsk. (there should be another button for this category waiting for me somewhere...)


  1. LOL! You are an evasive one! Love that we got ANY answers -- even if they ARE the short ones! I have my coffee... and my Mar. :)

  2. Sweet. My Hubby and I knew each other for so long as just friends. Then one glorious day we realized that we were hopelessly in love. We married just a few months later.

  3. You ans hubby have known each other a long time!

  4. Fun to read about how you met Mr. Mar...And CONGRATULATIONS on that Award, my dear...I know EXACTLY How You Fit In, by the way....You deserve this Award, for sure, my dear Mar!

  5. Came here from Michele to congratulate on your blog award.

  6. Congraultations on your award! And I do love a romantic story - came to visit after you came via Michele's.

  7. LOML and I are still waiting on our honeymoon too! It is definitely going to have to wait until the kids are in college, I think!

    Michele sent me today,....

  8. Ah, look at that pic! You're going in there together, with your arms around each other. Very sweet.

    You know, I think that it's like this for most of the couples. Very common to postpone the honeymoon too.

    I never even got a proposal in my first relationship... *giggles*

    So, it's just when falling in love at this old stone age it's that romantic as for me & Mr L.... *giggles*

  9. Lovely wedding photo and congrats on your blogging award.
    Visiting here from Michele's.....

  10. Always good to know your good blogger friends even better!

    Btw: I met the love of my life on the Internet - thanks for your nice comment on my Face Behind The Blog post!

  11. MARvellous you did not wait that long to marry. It means you are able to take descisions.

    I met Anna at a club in Oslo - in the blue room, where they played jazz.

    First thing I said:
    - I have reserved a chair for you.
    I was alone with one bottle of red wine and two glasses (sic). In less than an hour I proposed and I moved in the very same night. That was on April 6 - 1979.

    And congrats with the award- It's well deserved.

  12. Well done on the award and well deserved too!

    Your answers to the meme are short and sweet and I like that.

    By the way, glad you are okay after you-know-what! Poor you.

  13. What a nice meme (for once) you didn't mention if the party you met your better half was in Chili as well, probably.
    For the award I just should have put "help yourself" !


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