Sunday, August 05, 2007

urban scenes

Last friday we went to the famous Rambla in Barcelona with our friends who were visiting from Germany. It was noon, the street was busy as always and it was hot too, but that didn't stop people from going for a walk .

One of the street performers was this urban angel :

Others were riding their bikes:
Do you see a pattern here? I still wonder why they chose to wear such heavy and dark clothes on a hot august afternoon...


  1. Oh that brings back memories! It's been nearly 10 years since I went to Barcelona, but the Rambla seemed like nowhere else. Such a beautiful city :)

    Michele says "Hello!" :)

  2. They look quite realistic! It's no wonder they behave like statues in such heavy dark costumes, LOL! :)

    I would love to visit the Rambla.

    Michele sent me this time but I always show up at some point :)

  3. I love the energy of this place. Your pictures capture it beautifully. It's famous for a reason, and you've made it very obvious in this post. Thanks for once again opening our eyes.

    I dropped by from Michele's today to let you know that every time I visit your site, I come away delighted by the experience.

  4. I coming over to visit cause I feel like I went on a little trip. You always have wonderful photos...Thanks so much for sharing.


  5. What great photos. Never been to Barcelona, but I've heard it's amazing.
    Visiting here from Michele's.....

  6. Looks amazing and you've captured them so well!

    I've never been to Barcelona and this post makes me want to go there even more - one can only hope:-)

  7. We saw angels and various statuary in Rome and Florence, but they had on white outfits that looked like plaster. Still, I'm betting they were very warm under all that!

  8. These statues are beautiful ! I arrived well here at the english coast and so far had wonderful weather. It's so beautiful here with all these old english houses or big manoirs. Have been to a garden party and yesterday sightseeing and having the obligatory tea in a camping with friends ! This keyboard kills me !!

  9. lucky, you go to the coolest places!! :)

  10. They look exactly like old statues....

    OH, now you've really woken up my urge to go to Barcelona!!!! I will oe time in the future. I must!

    Meanwhile: wanna have a peek with London eye….?

    London is for your feet as Lifecruiser ship has anchored at Thames….. *giggles*

  11. More I read your blog more i'm sure that Barcelona is one of the most important place for modern art in the world! It must been seen!

  12. That is amazing! It took me a little while to realize that they are people dressed up like statues. They must be very hot! It is a really hot August here so far...

  13. I LOVE that there are these street performers...And I too wonder why they would choose such heavy dark clothes during the heat/humidity of summer?


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