Tuesday, August 07, 2007

sweet memes are made of this

Found this meme about 8 things... (different questions every week). I just have to do it!


... when was the last time you changed....

1. hairstyle? I am doing it now, letting it grow a bit to shoulder length.

2. residence? 13 1/2 years ago

3. your job? 13 1/2 years ago, little did I know the sabbatical was going to be this long and counting!!

4. your significant other? That's a bit longer, it was 23 1/2 years ago !

5. your circle of friends? that has to be almost 2 years ago when I started blogging so I added blog friends to my circle of friends!

6. your favourite food? and what was the new discovery?
I re-discovered salty crepes last month, I am trying new recipes...

7. your favourite vacation spot? and why should we go?The 3 Valleys in the French Alps. Because you can enjoy fine skiing. And you can enjoy hiking in the summer if you are not a skier!! (click to enlarge)

8. your favourite movie or television show ... from what to what? don't have one in particular...but I am waiting for Grey's Anatomy in the fall !


  1. You did such a great job on your meme...When I got to the part about the Swiss Alps I lost all concentration. Your pictures are so beautiful. I can only dream of going there some day...


  2. Very interesting, lol ! I enjoy my host's cats and have wonderful holidays. The weather is surprisingly beautiful and the sea very very blue ! Half London is here on holidays and yesterday in Hastings it was really crowded.

  3. That's a nice quick meme :) The 3 valleys looks gorgeous. No wonder you like it so much!

  4. Great meme - and hurray no fav TV Shows: Means you are a real blogger.

    Fabulous photos from the French Alpes.

  5. And our list of things in common keeps growing and growing too! I actually came and snatched this meme and did it this morning also!
    And yes... I'll have my coffee now please!

  6. Good meme, Mar. I like your answers and the photos are wonderful!

  7. ...and for someone very afraid of heights...? *giggles*

    The valleys looks just gorgeous!

    Care for some romance in Paris...? *giggles*

  8. Will this be the first time GREY'S ANATOMY is there in Spain? Or was it on last season too?
    This is an interesting meme...
    I LOVE those pictures of the "summer" Alps! Beautiful, Beautiful!

  9. A great meme!! I am going to steal it!!


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