Friday, August 31, 2007

Severus Snape look- alike

(This picture was taken in January 2005 in front of the Parthenon, it was a very cold and windy morning in Athens  and I was playing Severus  Snape...I have been remembering this  trip now because of the terrible fires in Greece, what a disaster!)

Here I am in January 2005 in front of the Parthenon, it was a very windy and a freezing cold morning in Athens. That's why my hair is all over my face. I found this picture while going through old pics and I immediately thought of Severus Snape...


  1. It looks cold... and somewhat mysterious.

    And now I know where "Snape" comes from! I know, I'm Harry potter ignorant. Sue me.

    Michele sent me,


  2. No sunglasses this time, but covered as a muslim woman, lol ! Cold in Athene ! when I hear the news today !

  3. Oh, great picture, but you're way prettier than old Severus could ever be.

    Michele sent me on this visit.

  4. Great photo. You don't look creepy like Snape can.

    Michele sent me, happy weekend!

  5. Cold in Athens?! It's funny but we don't think of somewhere like that as being cold! LOL!

    I cna see what you mean but you don't pull of the creepy factor :)

  6. You look cold, not creepy and sinister...

  7. Yes, you do look cold. I have been there when it was freezing also.

  8. Naw, not severus -- but you do look cold. I would love to visit this someday. Michele sent me today :)

  9. No, you are so much more cuter than Severus! I like the picture though.

  10. Ah, severe freezing cold yes, butt not Severus :-)

    Now, I'm just curious HOW cold it really was, since I may be more used to the cold than you are... *giggles*

    Oh, sorry I'm late to answer your earlier question: Miss Ass. Lifecruiser is probably going to move to the South of Spain, maybe the Cadiz-area. If she does, we might follow her later... *dreaming*

    Everything seems better than Sweden nowadays, can't stand the cold winters. I know that it's not that warm in Cadiz in the winter, butt at least no snow!!!!


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