Monday, August 27, 2007

monday stroll

Just a short stroll in my neighborhood. I have been watching the development of this friendship for years. It is a long story of a beautiful bougainvillea growing tall with the help of a good friend: a pine tree. The bougainvillea has reached dimensions otherwise not possible for a plant of its kind.

The purple bougainvillea is invisible during the local winter ( but I read they are evergreen where rainfall occurs all year and only deciduous if there is a dry season) ... until summertime comes and the pine tree looks wonderfully decorated in bright pink/purple. It is truly amazing. So there they are, looking tall and beautiful together, watching the Mediterranean sea. I particularly like the first picture because you can see the moon as well.

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Now if we could only get rid of those wires...


  1. You really have a beautiful view !! (I am jalous) When I look out of our window I see green, green and again green. The most important and very high and thick tree is our weeping willow, Arthur's gymnastic and climbing place.
    Re teenagers, I am convinced you will have the same good relationship with your son as I have now with mine, because you also believe what he doesn't do know when he will do it then ? It was a rough time of war, but it was worthwhile.

  2. How lovely! It looks like it's decorated with candy floss!

    Your view is wonderful and I am sure it is much better when you are actually stood there. I love the pink and green against the vivid blue sky in your photos.

  3. What a beautiful tree. Nature is a wonder.

  4. What a lovely tree and a lovely view. I also view water, although our water is fresh not salt. I enjoy it and I know you do too.

  5. Isn't it the truth?! Darn utility wires everywhere!!! They ruin all the good shots! That tree is splendid dressed in all it's friendly color! Isn't that amazing?

  6. Woooooowiiiiie! What a tree, what a view!!! Fabulous both of them. Funny how nature can have it's own ways like that. I love it :-)

    The weather looks gorgeous too.... I wanna be there... *sigh*

    Not that we don't have good weather right now, butt the autumn is coming and we've quite chilly weather now.

    Time to start wearing jackets and real shoes. Good bye dear flip-flops.... *sobbing*

    So, no boats this Monday...? I have a huuuuuuuge one.... *giggles*

  7. that is beautiful. I'll bet after a while I wouldn't even notice the wires anymore.

  8. Oh that is WONDERFUL Mar...It looks so much like a small watercolor that Morris Broderson did when he lived on a street here in L.A. Called NORMA PLACE...the trees were I believe Italian Cypress (Very popular here) and the Bougenvilla did exactly the same thing. I will take a picture of it---though it is covered in glass....

    About the voting on that Emmy Category...I have already voted. I woudn't post about all this till after I voted and I will tell about my votes after the Emmys are given out...(September 19th(?),I think....if anybody even cares by that time...! LOL!

  9. Beautiful, really beautiful view and what bright flowers.
    But the wires, a wired world it is.
    We also have too many in front of us here in the countryside....


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