Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the face behind the blog...

The charming Expat Traveler tagged me all the way from Canada with The Face Behind The Blog meme. David Airey began this meme in May 2007. It is growing and he is keeping a record of its growth around the world.

The rules are quite easy:

1: Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog.

2: Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference. Include a link back to Airey's post.

3: Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.

4: E-mail Airey and he will list you on the original post. This isn’t absolutely necessary but it does help him to keep track of the collection. Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

I couldn't just simply post a pic or two, I just had to play around first. I don't have many pictures to choose from since I am usually behind the camera (and always behind this blog!)

I tag: you, and you, and anyone who would like to participate!


  1. Great of you to join in!

    I'll add you to the original list.


  2. With me there are no misteries ! The head behind my blog is already twice on my blog, lol ! and if I count the header then even 4 x ! I mean those who don't put their photo on their blog are either too ugly or want to stay anonymous. All the others have their photos on their blogs or show themselves from time to time.
    I like your pictures but I still do not know how your eyes look like because all the pictures of you I saw so far you are always wearing dark glasses ! Also in your bed ???

  3. Great work on the photos! Interesting meme, isn't it?

  4. Zee U - hi - you looks great.

    I'm tagged on this one two. I have written a text, but with my slow line from the Summerhouse - well, I wait until late October. (But I think you have all seen more than one picture of me... even on RennyBA and Mrs Lifecruiser)

  5. A rare look at the face behind the blog. It's nice to see you!

  6. I love the pics of you - very 'arty' :)

    I can't take part in this as I am always behind the camera. Besides I am quite content to 'be' however people imagine me to be.

  7. What a pretty face behind the blog!

  8. You DON'T post photos of you often! It is a TREAT to see you here today! I do agree with Gattina though - we need a nice photo of Mar with no sunglasses... you should have Hubby take one! (we'll even allow you to gussy up for it!) LOL! Love the rubik's cube! That was a cute idea!!!


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