Sunday, July 01, 2007

today could be the day...

Will Alinghi of Switzerland win the America's Cup today??? Race starts at 3pm CET. I will be glued to the tv set.
Update: The seventh and possibly series-clinching race of the America's Cup was postponed Sunday because of light winds, and will be held on Tuesday instead. Source

Therefore we have to wait...

I love this song (Take That - Shine). If they play it too much my preference won't last long but I hope they play it tonight at the Concert for Diana, (Gattina made me aware of the concert). It sounds like this will be a tv-sunday! it's too hot to sit in the sun anyways (sorry about that for those of you dealing with a rainy or cold day!)


  1. Hi Mar. Made it again from Michele's. I enjoyed Shine - nice to see the little one solo-ing. Firefox always gives me a 'close tabs' and I go back home and have to start again.
    (That is after watching you tube.)
    Thanks for reminding me about the concert - having seen all the build up I shall certainly be watching most of it. And I have to give some thought to tomorrow's post which is usually a continuation of my story. The rest I call'asides'!
    Have a great week!

  2. Thank you for your visit to me from Michele's and your kind words about my friend. I'm very sorry for your loss. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Thanks for visiting...
    I just noticed the eyes too!!!
    I like my new 'toy'!!!

  4. Hi Mar!, I am here from Michele's.

    Have fun watching tv. Delhi is very humid right now!

  5. I will have a little siest now cause the girls tonight! Again night club! And after still work for my school even if we are at end! 2 days still and after the fiesta!!!! Have a great afternoon with the America cup and Diana concert!

  6. Your link means directly to the page where I took all my wisdom from, lol ! It would be funny if we all sit in our respective countries and watch TV together ! I in Belgium, you in Spain, one in Australia and one in Alaska so far ! Maybe France too. Isn't that nice ?

  7. I'm actually watching the concert for Diana right now. I hope you hear your song.

    Sorry about the wait on the America Cup, but it'll make Tuesday that much more fun for you.

  8. Wow! I'd never heard of that song -- or that group either for that matter! It's REALLY upbeat! Love it!

    Sorry you had to postpone the races - but maybe it happened so you could watch the party!

  9. It is chilly and absolutely pouring with rain here in the UK! I'm not jealous at all... [sigh]!

  10. It's too hot here, too....It is definitely Juli 1st....

    I wonder if we see the Concert here to, today....I hope so. I think it is such a lovely idea, don't you?

    Good luck on Tuesday, my dear...I want your team to win!

  11. I hope the team from switzerland won Mar. good luck getting unglued from the set.

  12. well Shine was included in the set, whether or not it sowed up on television!


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