Thursday, June 14, 2007

thursday thirteen [51]

June 14 is the 165th day of the year (166th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 200 days remaining. Source

01. It's been a few weeks since my last TT
02. Because I was away on a short trip
03. and then family came for a visit
04. Now everything is back to -somewhat - normal
05. Until mid-July
06. Then we will have a 2-week vacation
07. Our son turned 19 last tuesday
08. of course that's very hard to believe for me!
09. where did the time go?
10. Broke two (unexpensive) champagne glasses this week
11. and my favorite salt jar, which had a holder for a small wooden spoon
12. I guess that's telling me I should stay away from the kitchen...
13. But I am still looking for the ultimate crepe recipe, the one that never ever fails. Have you got one? Update: yes! Robin shared one in the comments. Thank you!
Happy thirteening!
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  1. Mmm, crepes! We made the most delicious ones in my high school French class one time but unfortunately I don't have the recipe :-(

  2. Here's a good basic crepe recipe for you, and some suggested fillings.


  3. Crepes are yummu! If you find a good recipe, please share it on your blog. :)

    Congrats to your son on his 19th birthday.

  4. Of course it doesn't make you younger having a son of 91 ! and the best crepe recepe is to buy them already made, that's what I do ! Otherwise my kitchen ceiling would be full.

  5. Ahhhhh, crepes! I love them. I think I will need to make them again soon!

  6. YES! Time sure has flown so fast. I can't believe I was away from the blogging world for almost two months. Now I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Belated Happy Birthday to your son!

  7. You're never home for long. Happy Birthday to your son!

    My 13 are still warm and would go well with crepes.

  8. I don't know a fail-safe crepe recipe, but Julia Child might! If you are familiar with her, she was one fabulous cook/chef and wrote many many books on cooking...Have you looked on the internet, Mar?
    You are the most traveling person, my dear...And I think it is grand! Where do you go in July?
    As to staying out of the kitchen..I think that's a wonderful idea....LOL!

  9. I actually DO have a great crepe recipe - it's my Mum's from years ago. I'll dig it up and post it - will let you know when I do. It must be easy, because if I can do it, anyone can! hehe

  10. Miam! I become hungry suddenly! My grand mother put a little beer in the pasta so crepes are lighter!
    Ah,ah my daughter is 19 years old!
    Always single! She loved a finish boy during a school exchange but he doesn't love her! She doesn't arrive to forget him!!!

  11. I love salt jars! My cousin Maribeth makes the BEST crepes!

  12. I've never made crepes. They seemed to be real popular when I was in my 20s but I don't know anyone who makes them now.

  13. Happy Birthday to your son.
    Crepes. There's a place here in new York that makes cheese blintzes. I love to watch them making the crepes - so yummy.
    We drizzle raspberry sauce and powdered sugar on them.
    Thanks for visiting.
    You always say such nice things about my pics.
    Those were taken with the regular camera.
    I'm going to use the phone camera very soon though.

  14. I think I'd like the crepes better if someone else was making them for me. :)

  15. If I break anything in the kitchen I swear it's a sign for me to stay away from the kitchen!! lol

    Time passes fast when your children grow up, doesn't it?


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