Monday, November 06, 2006

NaBloPoMo - day 6: the day I was rich for one second

from my in-box:
Dear ...
We are happy to inform you that you have emerged a winner under the First Category, which is part of our promotional draws. The draws are being officially announced today 30th of October, 2006. Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 2,500,000 email addresses of individuals and companies from Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East,and Oceania as part of our International Promotions Program.

Your e-mail address, attached to ticket number , with serial number 472...drew the lucky numbers ... and consequently won in the First Category.

You have therefore been awarded a lump sum pay out of 1,000,000 (One Million Euros), which
is the winning payout for Category A winners.This is from a total cash prize of 3,000,000.00 Million Euros shared amongst the first Ten (3) lucky winners in this category.

CONGRATULATIONS! (...blah blah)
Well, thank you! for the one second of seeing that sum in connection with my e-mail , lol :)


  1. I do get that kind of email too. In fact it is almost there when I open my email. I never read it. I just delete it as I had seen it before. The nerve they have.

  2. Don't you just hate spam emails? Oh to be a millionaire! I have no trouble knowing what I would do with teh money! :-) Still, I suppose it was a nice thought for a second.

  3. Those kinds of things go out in the mail to the elderly like my dad and some think they really won. It is so sad some of the scams they pull on these people.

    I had no idea that they were now coming through on e-mail. I am such a skeptic...Some day I will win a contest I really entered and won't believe

    Take care,

  4. you'd share if you really won, wouldn't you? pleeeeeease? ;)

  5. ah, it's nice to stop and dream for a second though!

  6. I too worry that one day I'll really win something and just delete the email because I think that it's spam!

    I hope you win a real prize!

  7. i wonder how they get hold of email addresses though. I have been getting one from Barclays Bank, which advises me to open an attachment, but i have never opened an account with Barclays. I spam it, and i keep getting it still.... bizarre.
    But if one day it proves that you won, you will consider sharing, right? :D

  8. He, he you lucky girl ! What are you doing now with all that money ? I am badly in need, so think of me ! Otherwise I would suggest a residence in Monaco (tax free) a yacht, a little castle for the weekends in the Caraibes and if you want I can find other very nice ideas for you to spend this money ! Lol. (I have got a similar one a couple of month ago but for $)

  9. ROFL! And just HOW MUCH was that 1,000,000 Euros going to COST you??? I HATE those things! Such a tease! Can you just IMAGINE the fun I could have spending that??? Oh MAR! I could come help you ROCK Barcelona! Then you (as Daisy) may have to move too! ;)


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