Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen [34]

it's all about my name

Last week I had yet another a random TT which began with a quiet "My real name is not Mar..." and I told you that my real name contains these three letters in the same order (but it is not Maria!) . I truly wasn't planning a guessing game! The unexpected response aiming to find the right name was an overwhelming surprise, and very informative as well, I wasn't aware that there are so many names beginning with these letters! ( I found a list too... ) I would have told you last week, but then again we 13rs are busy (not only) on thursdays and seldom come back for a second visit on a thursday.

This is what you came up with, thanks for your contributions:

01. Marina (3), Marissa (2), Marcela (2), Marcia (2)
02. Marta, Marlena, Martina, Marcella
03. Margaret, Marguerite, Margret
04. Maribel, Maricella, Maricela
05. Maristella, Marlin, Mary
06. Mareen, Marlinda
07. Marelinda, Marinda
08. Marrissa, Marboro
09. The funny one: Marsupial (Kailani)
10. The sweet one: Marzipan (Siver Willow)
11. And the real name is (drumroll please)
(please scroll down)

(just a bit more!)


This is the feminine form of Spanish Marcelo, which in turn comes from the Roman "Marcellus", meaning "warlike" or "warrior" in either case... I myself only fight for peaceful purposes :)
12. The first one to mention the right name was Darla , but spelled it with two L's
13. Melli, from the insane blog, lol, was the one who spelled it right, followed by FrogLegs.

Nobody calls me Mar in real life, it is so to speak limited to my blogging personality. Yes, I have multiple personalities... and a strong blogging addiction. But I don't want a cure for this! Happy thirteening! Tell me about your nickname/blogger nickname!

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  1. And all this time I thought your real name was maremagnum.

    Now, I should have been the first to know the truth. Because I like to know everything about everything. Now I'm last. dang it.

    I love name Marcela. It is beautiful!
    Happy TT!

  2. What a good idea for a TT!!! And you have a beautiful name. Thanks for sharing your TT.

    Come on over and read about the 13 reasons why we should embrace life.

  3. My goodness how many names !That's for a list for young parents to choose a name ! Fortunately it didn't start with Ber, then only Berta comes in my mind. I wanted as "blogname" something related to cats but everything was taken such as Kitty etc. So finally I put the Italian word for Kitty and got Gattina and this Blogger didn't have yet ! I wonder what it would have been in chinese ???

  4. Ah, that's a pretty name and a very creative way to tell us too!

  5. How fun. Marcela is a beautiful name. (last week my TT talked about the meaning and origin of my name! random!)

    It is hard to believe how many names people guessed!

  6. Hmmm, I can't remember what I guessed your name was last week. I'll have to go back and look. But Marcela is a very pretty name! I like it!

    A fun idea for a Thursday Thirteen list!!

  7. Ah Marcela ... lets get back to the crux of this post ... you have multiple personalities? Which one are we talking to now?

    So, Laquet ... what's that name all about then? Everything is explained here!

  8. Interesting TT...
    And I agree with My2Cent...Marcela is a nice name.

  9. Lovely name, Marcela! Great TT.
    My blogger name was created because the willow tree is my favorite tree. Silver is the kind of jewelry I put the two together and...BAM!
    My actual name is Lea...and no...I don't kiss Wookies. tee-hee
    My TT is up!

  10. Hola Marcela :-)

    That's a beautiful and for us exotic name.

  11. Marcela is such a beautiful name...I would love every one pronouncing it.

    I got your lovely postcard. Thank you so much.


  12. That's a great idea for a TT!

    Have a lovely day.

    My TT is up now too.

  13. Fun list! :) You have a lovely name. :)

    My online identity, Caylynn, comes from the name of one of my characters in alt.starfleet.rpg, a Star Trek interactive fiction/role playing group. One of my characters was Captain Caylynn Donne. I was looking for a variation of the name "Caitlin", and came up with Caylynn, after playing around for a bit. It seemed fairly unique, so I started using it as my online identity. I have since discovered a handful of other Caylynns online, so it's not as unique as I thought, but it still works for me.

    Happy TT. :)

  14. Marcela! Marcela! Marcela! What a beautiful name!!! But... you will always be Mar to me!

    MY first name (which we discussed also begins with Mar and is not Maria) is also the SAME as my MOTHER's first name, AND one of my sister's first name!!! Do you think my mom LIKED the name a little bit??? is a popular one! It is...

    (scroll down)

    (keep scrolling)

    (a little more)

    (just a bit more)

    (can I get it to go off the page at the bottom?)

    (okay! okay!)


    So simple!

  15. Oh! And THANKS for the coffee! Yours is always the BEST!

  16. What a beautiful name....I'm glad you only use your war like ablities for good....kind of like a super hero!

  17. well now I know! And a beautiful name it is. :)

    My blogging name is my name! I used to hate my name because it was so different, but now I love it for that reason.

  18. Oh, very cool.

    Of course, now you'll have to do a TT about all your various personalities. :)

  19. I can't see the name...only the male version and the name it comes from. But I see from the comments that it's Marcela. Mars is always about war, but didn't you say mar meant sea. The sea can be pretty stormy but also majestic.

    My initials spell CAR and I'm driving today.

  20. I guess it's a good thing I didn't play last week. I would have probably guessed Marvin and boy would I have been

  21. That is a pretty name! But three syllables... for some reason I was thinking shorter, that's what threw me.

    My nickname came from an exhaustive search and weeks of surveys and focus groups. The P.R. and Marketing departments did endless research and vetting of countless names.

    They came up with "Bob."

    But I went with "Uisce" instead -- the Irish word for water. Uisce beatha is the Irish translation of "whiskey" and... well, the rest is history! :)

  22. What a beautiful name! Inlike my own "Mar" name.
    Have a wonderful day!

  23. What a lovely name. I really enjoyed reading all the "guesses", too. It was interesting.

    Have a Happy!

  24. Marcela is a lovely name!

    I go by Something Blue because this colour symbolizes love and fidelity so I thought it would make a good pseudonym. My real name is Jana. (However I don't pronounce it the European way "Yana")

  25. I actually use my real name. I couldn't come up with something original enough for me.

    But Darly's name is not Darly. That one I did think about. Usually in the blogging world we call our family DX for Dear type of family member.

    And my middle name means Dear Little One. So I took that and shortened it and we have Darly.

    Darly doesn't like the name at all, she prefers her real name.

    I like your real name too.

  26. I love Marzipan!
    Thanks for sharing Mar.
    See you next week.
    Happy Thursday.

  27. Nice to meet you Marcela! What a lovely name! Have a great weekend.

  28. That is a BEAUTIFUL name! What? I'm not "Chaotic Mom"? Maybe even moreso IRL than ICL, haha! ;)

    I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy!

  29. What a beautiful name to match a beautiful person!!

    Happy Thursday!

  30. This is a fun and different TT!

  31. what a fun T13 - and a beautiful name! I wouldn't hve guessed it though. I am so bad at those guessing games!

    i have a T13 up this week - but I am a little late!

  32. I did a web search for the cat song, but I've seen it before and I found the llama song on Jen's site.

  33. YAY! I'm so proud, I give all the credit to my cousin. :)

  34. Important Cruise information:
    As you're on your way up on the ladder to become considered an A-Team Cruiser I'll invite you to come and Goose your Deluxe Duck...

    It's one of the new things needed before becoming an A-Team Cruiser. More can follow later, we haven't decided what and when yet.

  35. Well, lets see..Of course, O;dOldLady Of The Hills..Blof name...But everyone knows my "name" name is Naomi...

    Nay, Nay Nay, Nooma, Naodi, Nome...I think those are all the "nicknames" family and some of my closest friends call me Nay...Booma and Naodi camne about...well, maybe I'll blog about you have it, my dear....

  36. Oh well, I took a shot! Marcela is such a beautiful name!

  37. Yay!! Now we know! What a lovely name!

    Why is there an 'e' between Mar and Magnum?

    And what's the story with Magnum now? A magnum of champagne, maybe? No, you loved the show Magnum PI? Tom Selleck is kinda a hottie even in his older years!

    I'm gonna call you Magnum PI now or PI for short ;-)

  38. yeah it is funny, my name obviously isn't ET or expat and when people meet me in real life they still want to call me ET, but really I prefer that MARzipan.. hehe (especially from switz)

  39. Lovely! So, do you have a nickname that your family and/or friends call you?


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