Monday, October 16, 2006


I am off to the gym. I'll let you carve your own pumpkin. It isn't easy, at least it wasn't for me! I need a bit of practice :)
Update: right click to select all and copy the code you will be given...and then ignore html errors to publish...

Carve your own pumpkin at!

Update: can you guess who's pumpkin is the one below??


  1. He, he, carve a pompkin ? I have never done that in my life. Mustn't be very easy. Anyway the few people who put a pomkin at the front door mostly don't carve them. Or it's even an artificial one. Because of the many americans and englishs living here, we also got used to Halloween. But I am still learning a lot ! In Spain and Italy it doesn't exist either. But I think we should take over all nice uses of other countries.

  2. That was pretty cute! I have to check out the site!

  3. What fun!!! But it wouldn't let me compy the code! Oh well...!
    How do you find all these wonderful things Mar?? Love this a loy!

  4. it is so hard to control the "mouse" - my pumpkin ended up looking like.... one of the Orcs from LOTR....

  5. That was pretty cool. Carved mine too. Maybe I'll post it later. It was fun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That was difficult!! But still, loads of fun. Yep, you were right in assuming I'd love it...I surely did.

    Thanks mar.
    (And mine's posted -- I linked your blog from mine too!!!)

    Happy Tuesday.

  7. it was hard! I had to try several times. :)

  8. wow I have to do mine this week (2 of them)

  9. that's really neat -- here's what I made...

    Uisce's Pumpkin


  10. Uhum, I think I'll have that pumpkin below before I start to carve. Twice. Or more.

    Then I can just say that it's all that Whiskey talking ;-)


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