Tuesday, August 01, 2006

home sweet home

Almost 2,000 km / 1,240 miles later and some 280 pics richer I am back! and you can find me again here:

It is very hot around here which doesn't help when you are trying to organize things. Thanks for dropping by while I was gone ! gimme some loving fresh comments! will start my rounds very soon. Cheers!


  1. Hey Mar! Good to see you again!

    "Wendy directed me here" :D

    See ya around.

  2. I hope your trip was pleasant and enjoyable! It is so unbelievably hot here as well. I am so thankful right now for the a/c unit!

    Wendy directed me here! :)

  3. hey again Mar!

    Thanks for the kudos on the caption contest!

    Wendy directed me here...again! ;)

  4. WELCOME HOME, MY DEAR MAR!!! You were missed!!! Truly.
    I hope you had WONDERFUL time and I know you will share much with us when you can....For now, get some rest from your travels, my dear! And a Hearty Welcome Home! Hugs To You!!!

  5. Welcome, welcome, welcome home! Sounds like a great trip! Pictures...hmmm...guess we might get to see some, right?

    As to the heat it appears that alot of us are suffering from it right now. As much as I hate to think it for us here in the southern USA, tropical storm chris might bring relief! Lets just hope not too much!

    Happy WEdnesday!

  6. So glad you're back. Looking forward to all the stories and pics.

  7. welcome home mar! yeah for pics.

  8. thanks for stopping by my site - I am envious that you live in Spain - it is one of my favourite places to be. In fact, I will be there myself next week. Can't wait!


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