Tuesday, August 29, 2006


This picture of the 7-yr-old Mr18 was taken in july 1995 at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. The pic is not very clear - sorry about that, if you have been here before you know that "quality" is not a trait of this blog, lol - but this is a dear memory. This sweet little boy is not quite 6'5 like Michael Jordan but he is "big" now: he started college yesterday. A big day (not only!) for the proud mom!

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What the labels say:
- Everything about a bear is BIG except its baby
- 5'5 Spectacled bear
- 6'0 Sloth bear
- 6'5 Michael Jordan
- Are you as BIG as Brookfield Zoo's bears?


  1. Yea for college! He'll have a great time!

  2. it is a dichotomy sometimes, i feel. At times, life goes by so fast, and at times it goes so slow.
    How is he enjoying the uni environment? do they have traditions to welcome "freshmen" in Spain? It is really fierce the way they treat first year students at uni in Portugal. :)

  3. Heading off to college is quite a milestone...I know you are really proud of him. *s*

  4. what a charming picture! I love the idea of that big ruler! And Congratulations on his first day of college! That has to really be something Mar, especially when you are reminded of that dear little boy by a picture like this...!

  5. wow! heading off to college is a big step for him. am sure he'll enjoy it! you must be so proud! ;)

  6. Awww...you've joined the ranks of "embarrasing mom". I love posting pictures of my kids as kids. Such a cutie and such a milestone for him. I cried when we left our oldest at college. It was much more traumatic for me than it was for her.

  7. Yay college!

    I've got a pix of DD & my nephew next to one of those bear measurers and nope she'll never be as big as a bear.

  8. I grew up going to the Brookfield Zoo!! Many trips going there! Great zoo!

    Congrats to your son and his exciting adventure of college beginning! I know you are extremely proud of him!!

  9. It's an exciting time for him and I remember being all teary-eyed when we took our boy to college the first time. I remember thinking how his world would change, and he would never again be the young kid he was that day. I was grieving for what would be lost.

  10. How cuuuuute! Oh, off to college! Oh boy! I will send at least ONE next year -- maybe two -- POSSIBLY three! OY!

  11. I'm still not as big as the Brookfield Zoo's bears!

    Oh, thanks for the shout-out to my hometown -- the bears say hello!

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