Monday, August 28, 2006


to‧ma‧to  /tuh- mey-toh, -mah- -
–noun, plural -toes.
:) :D:)

The world's biggest tomato fight takes place at the end of August every year in Bunol, Valencia. At least two hundred tons of tomatos are thrown, drowning the plazas in a slurry of thick, red tomato juice, deep enough to wallow in... if that is your kind of fun. See some pics and a slideshow of 5 pics (not my pictures, they are all borrowed, thank you!)

I am a real fan of festivals but I am certain I wouldn't like to be in this one ::shakes head:: so I think I am not missing anything, not at all! the whole thing seems way too messy to me! Here's an excerpt from the net for your information: Quote The sunny Mediterranean city of Valencia in Spain is world-renowned for its tasty and succulent oranges. And just thirty miles away is Buñol, another town just as famous for its produce. But its notoriety comes from the locals' habit of wearing the produce as well as tasting it: every year, Buñol hosts La Tomatina, the world's largest vegetable fight. Situated only 30 kilometers inland from the Mediterranean Sea, and well-connected by motorway and rail to Madrid and Valencia, this charming town erupts into a fiery blaze of tomato-hurling on the last Wednesday of every August. Unquote. But you can read the complete article here. Because I know this is just what you wanted to read today... And remember: hold the ketchup!


  1. Ha! Might be fun to watch from a nice, safe tomato-free spot. I can't help thinking of all the wonderful tomato sauce that could have been made from those delicious tomatoes! I hope they just use the rotten ones, :)

  2. have seen La Tomatina on TV on several occasions and it does look quite messy! :) at least the Spanish are less rough than the Italians. In the town of Ivrea in Italy, 9 competing teams comprising a total of 3000 people fight by throwing oranges at each other!!! Madness i tell you! :D

  3. I wonder who the poor soul is that has to clean up the mess!

  4. i think i might actually like to see a tomato fight... we have a tomato festival here in one of our suburbs... never been to it though... but i love tomatoes... i grew some this year... so far, i've picked 2... woo hoo! :)

  5. I'm with you! This is not a festival that I would want to be a part sounds deeply messy and ruinous to ones clothing! (lol)
    Who ever came up with this idea? AND, why do people like to throw all these tomatoes? I guess I sound "old"...but, it just seems juvinile to me and after about three minutes the smell of tomatoes would begin to make me a little ill! And last but not least...such a waste of good food! (People are starving and this is a 'sport' of sorts. *sigh*

  6. Maybe this is a good thing. You can get together and get all that pent-up hostility out in a harmless way.

    Do they serve wine at these events??lol

    Take care,

  7. See, now I'd like to be in that tomato fight, just to say I'd done it. Though I'd have to wear a helmet :)

    I like your smiley face tomatoes :)

  8. How funny. What a mess to clean up! Americans have an old joke... throwing tomatoes at a bad band playing... doesn't really happen though that I've ever seen :)

  9. That seems like such a waste!

  10. Actually... this sounds like it would be fun to do ... ONE time! Only ONE. LOL! Yea... but I AM a nut case! You know... Insanity Prevails and all that... :)

  11. Oh tomatoes, tomatoes, yum! Gosh, don't be throwin' em'!! :/


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