Tuesday, June 27, 2006

hummel, hummel!

Following the example of bears in Berlin and cows in Zurich, there were 100 life-size figures of Hamburg’s most famous water carrier, Hans Hummel, in the city centre for about 3 years. Their time is up and they were auctioned on 6/23 , they are displayed all together downtown for a few more days. Lucky me, I got to see them all under sunshine:

Hans Hummel‘s real name was actually Johann Wilhelm Bentz (1787-1854) an original Hamburger who worked as a water carrier and was considered to be an ill-tempered type, which gave the children of the new town all the more reason to tease him by calling him by the derisive nickname "Hummel, Hummel!" (English: bumble bee). Because the tormented water carrier was seldom able to catch the little rogues - he was always carrying great quantities of water for many kilometres into the town - he could only react with coarse replies of "Mors, Mors!", a Low German (Plattdeutsch) expression to be translated as “arses, arses!”

And now comes the fun part of this post: a birthday! Not just a birthday, but a very special one:

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Happy birthday to our dear, charming Lady of the Hills !

I think I found the right champagne glass ( had to go all the way to Hamburg to get this pic!) to celebrate a blog party, it fits a whole bottle and more, lol!

All the best to you birthday lady! and many, many more blogging years. Cheers!!

There is a birthday gathering today at her blog, don't miss it! Expect a fine party, birthday fun, many bloggers and great virtual goodies which won't unbalance your bikini diet (!)

And one update: Got pictures of your laundry? Vickie has a whole collection and published mine today on her blog, thanks Vickie!


  1. Hummel! how sad that they had to be auctioned! will try to scavenge and find some pictures i took last summer with him....and scan them.
    btw, you could practically take a bath in that champagne glass! :D

  2. BEAUTIFUL, dear Mar! LOVE that Champahnge Bottle in the glass! Amazing picture and Amazing Champagne, too...

    Those Hummell figures are devine! I am going to come back and study them more....later...
    Thanks So Much Mar for joining in the FUN!!!

  3. Those Hummell figures are really something special to see! Thanks for sharing.

    I think you did a great job on the champagne glass for your friend. Hope she has a wonderful Birthday.

    Take care,

  4. What great pictures and a wonderful story of Hummel. Loved it.

    Thanks for visiting my MM.

  5. I love Hummel figurines! And I found your post very interesting.

    Heading to the birthday party now. *s*

  6. Those photos are so awesome!!!! You need to start selling your photos!

  7. Love those Hummels. We had wolves here in our area, and they were auctioned off too. They are great fun to see close-up.

    I did a tribute to Naomi too - yours is very nice!

  8. That's a lot of Hummels! I've never heard of him...but now I kind of want to know more about him. :)

    (Toronto had one of those sort of everyone - decorate - a - sculpture things. Here it was a moose, of course. ;))

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  9. Very interesting story. Did not know any of it at all. I wonder how much they made for those things at auction!

    Love the champagne glass for The Old Lady! I will have to step over there later and wish her happy birthday!

    Hope you are having a great day yourself!

  10. here in San Jose, we did that with Sharks. and last year in San Francisco, they did it with hearts. :)

    here from michele's.

  11. These figures remind me of the bison that are painted to represent different things about Oklahoma and are scattered around Oklahoma City to celebrate the state's 100th birthday in 2007.

  12. Great shots. Love the champagne picture.

  13. ok mar - those are really cool photos!

    As always, love reading your blog.

  14. Wow, what a collection just standing there! Intresting story.

    And the champagne glass is one that I would want, I adore champagne :-)

  15. Very colorful and bright. I like them. Just came from OldOldLady's birthday bash. It was really a hit.
    My WW is up now.

  16. Those hummels are soooo weird! I had to look closely to see if they weren't real.

    I have my version of a world cup post...and I'm just popping in from Naomi's party.


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