Friday, March 24, 2006

five things

Yesterday was a very busy thursday visiting many blogs and reading different lists of thirteen things! The auto-link is such a helpful , cleverly designed device, it saves a lot of time allowing for more interaction! It's great!

Today is just a wonderful spring morning, it is a coincidence that I was thinking about the changing of seasons, smelling spring , thinking about listing "things"... and then doing some reading I ran into a poem from Pablo Neruda : "I ask for silence", which I am partially reproducing below, it is beautiful reading, even if poetry is not part of your daily reads, which is my case (find the whole poem here, "Pido Silencio")

So now let them leave me in peace.
Now let them get on without me.
I am going to close my eyes.
And all I want are five things,
five precious roots.
One is unending love.
Second, to witness autumn.

I cannot exist unless leaves
are flying and fall back to earth.
Third is solemn winter,
the rain I loved, the fire's
caress in woodland cold.
Fourthly, summer
rounding like watermelon.
The fifth thing is your eyes,
Matilde my love.
I've no wish to sleep without your eyes,
to breathe unless you look at me:
I'll trade spring for you
to go on looking at me.
Friends, that's all I want.

It's next to nada and almost todo....

" I'll trade spring for you to go on looking at me". Isn't that a sublime love declaration? Words are not just words!


  1. Why didn't he trade one of the crappy seasons? no bargaining skills at all. :o)

    What a beautiful poem! It put a smile on my face on a day when I definitely needed to smile.
    Michele sent me today. Glad I found you again!!!

  2. Hi Mar, lovely poem, hows Barcelona my favourite Spanish city?

  3. Whoops - here from Michele's! Always forget that.

  4. So glad you shared this poem, it's beautiful!

    And I just realized I've forgotten to do my Thursday 13 yet again, lol.

    Here from Micheles. Nice to meet you!

  5. I cant past the fact that your spring is already pretty. Ours is not but we are getting there. This beach bum is off to the indoor pool in 40 degrees.


    :) Cheers,

  6. Great poem. Please send some of your nice spring weather out my way! Yesterday I scraped a few inches of snow taking the kid to school!

  7. Nice poem. About that auto-link thing it was very frustrating. Alot of pages I went to wouldn't load and it was because of that. It was very time consuming to have to wait it out. I was going to add it but i think I will wait and see how the next run goes first. I could just blame it on Blogger being cranky!

  8. What a beautiful poem, thanks so much for sharing!

    Hugs Suz

  9. Very romantic! Hi Mar. The daffodils are up here. Michele sent me today.

  10. He also said “I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees.”

    Here today from Michele.



  11. Hi me again, and again from Michele's.

  12. Hi Mar, just popped by from Michele's.

  13. What a lovely poem. What a touching declaration of love.

    Michele sent me back over.

  14. ps Castpost playable version of music now on rashbre.

  15. Hey bella :)
    I will trade autumn with you ;)

  16. I was introduced to the work of Pablo Neruda when I bought an old Red Rider album. Tom Cochrane is a former Canadian journalist who started the band 25 years ago. He penned - and continues, on his own, to pen - the most literate music I've ever heard.

    The Red Rider album, Neruda, was a tribute to the great poet. I've been hooked on both artists ever since.

  17. Great peom you shared with us.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

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  19. I believe Mar, words are so powerful. That is a beautiful and powerful line of poetry. I love poetry, I should read more of it. I do read Past Tense every day. He is gaining quite a following, very well deserved.

  20. I think Spring is here and romance is in the air. I loved the poem and now I think I will run off and give my hubby a special hug and kiss.

  21. thanks for visiting my blog! I noticed that I didn't have you on my link list, so I added you so I won't forget!
    Have a good week end!

  22. OOh, those are fantastic words! I bought a book of his poems but have yet to crack it open. Now you got me inspired.

    I loved being in Barcelona. I was only there for a few days but gorgeous.


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