Friday, January 27, 2006

weather report

Half of Spain is expecting snowfall today...This is rather unusual here, kids are excited, we - adults - are not. Everybody is talking about the weather, so I am following the crowd!

You Are Snow

Magical yet potentially destructive (Oh!)

You are well known as fun to play with (I don't know what to think about this...)

People anticipate your arrival but then are quickly sick of you ( gee, thanks!)

You are best known for: your serenity
(This could be somewhat true)

Your dominant state: reflecting
( I am not sure about this one either)


My medal stand:
1 Bronze, 3 Silver.

Today is Round 5 (out of 6) of the Blog Olympics:A champion blogger has made their mark on the blogosphere. Do you have presence? I have limited presence (oh, well, this blog is just for fun).
Check your own presence out with MarketLeap . Enter your url without www if you are a blogger! And maybe share your rating.


  1. greetings! michele sent me.

    Soothing and calm
    You are often held up by others as the ideal
    But too much of you, and they'll get burned

    You are best known for: your warmth

    the blogolympics link doesnt work for me, but the popularity one was fun!

    Your dominant state: connecting

  2. Dak-ind: sorry, I updated the link, it was my fault!
    OOLOH: you are NOT a failure! it was the wrong link, as Dak-ind pointed out..

    I don't think this is really right..But..maybe I answered pecululierly...(LOL)

    I didn't get that other one at all...

    I'm a failure.

  4. Forgot to say Michele sent me, Mar..Sorry

  5. I tried the Olympics thing, but I scored like a zero...I think. Oh well.

    Have fun in the snow!

    Michele sent me!

  6. I have to figure out the blog olympics this..
    I am participate next time.
    Over from the other Michele's.

  7. I'd say around here at the Crossing, most of us are generally sunny with a few light clouds and a rainshower now and then.


  8. I always like snow when I don't have to shove it.

    Thanks for sharing the weather with us.

    Michele sent me.

  9. Hi Mar...Michele sent me! Living in Pennsylvania, we get our share of snow, and trust me, it gets old REALLY fast :)....I'm a warm weather kinda gal!

  10. We should be having snow, after a much colder than normal December, January is way above normal and little snow!

  11. I'm rain!? Here from Michele's. It's probably snowing up there.

  12. Hello, Michelle sent me!!!
    Nice site. The snow in the picture looks so great.

  13. hello michele sent me. Ohhh Spain. I have not yet been to Spain (been close, lots of Europe).

  14. Michele sent me today! We haven't had snow in Missouri (USA) yet this winter, which is so odd because normally we get absolutely covered in it.

    I took the test and got:
    ***You Are Lightning***

    Beautiful yet dangerous
    People will stop and watch you when you appear
    Even though you're capable of random violence

    You are best known for: your power

    Your dominant state: performing

    I pretty much agree with that! lol Thanks for the fun test link. I'm glad I found your blog today!

  15. Soothing and calm
    You are often held up by others as the ideal
    But too much of you, and they'll get burned

    You are best known for: your warmth

    I aways enjoy these. This time I came by way of Michele, but you know I often drop by just for the fun of it.

  16. Hi Mar - I came from Mausi's page. I love your site. I've used marketleap for a long while. It has fluctuations throughout the day depending on when spiders crawl your site. I haven't tried the blog olymp.. But I will. I'm coming back for more and I do hope the snow dissapates fast!

  17. I had no idea it ever snowed in Spain. I'm so not a snow fan. We have 5 months of it and frankly, it sucks.

    Michele sent me.

  18. Greetings - I'm in catchup mode on a number of my read blogs. This time I am here via Michele and its really Saturday.

    I shall try the clicky you show in this post!

    Best rashbre


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