Sunday, January 22, 2006

smoke alarm

We took the train yesterday evening to go downtown. And had this view as we came out and as I told in my Thursday 13 this week:

We arrived at the restaurant (see previous post) and oh, suprise! they had made a mistake and had a table for us in the non-smoking section! I have never been so happy about not getting the table we had made reservations for. It was perfect. Our friend didn't mind going out twice to have his cigarette and we could enjoy a nice dinner, with this lamp over us:

I must say they had a nice solution dividing the smoking section and I didn't smell a thing, I didn't see any smoke either. I used to smoke a pack a day in my younger days, it's been over 18 years without a cigarette . Cigarette smoke bothers me specially in closed places, not only because of the smell but my eyes itch when there are too many smokers around.

At any rate we had a nice table, right next to all these bottles:

which we didn't drink, though!. Hope everybody is having a great weekend!


  1. Michele sent me to see you, Mar.

    Your blog certainly looks spiffy now, Mar. I went to the link to your old site and it's such a huge change. Of course during the 6 months or so since you started blogging you've constantly added new features and toyed with your design. You've really taken to the Internet in a serious way, Mar. Congratulations on such great work!

  2. Cigarette smoke bugs me too. It gives me a headache. Glad you had a great time. Here via michele.

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Come visit mine sometime.

  3. Lucky you, getting into the non-smoking section. I would have been so happy!

  4. Utenzi, thanks a lot! it is a lot of fun to toy around with the template.
    mama b, I am on my way
    kenju: I was very happy too!

  5. Cigarette smoke stinks! Nice lamp and enjoyed your site.

  6. That first picture is amazing....very cool.

    Don't you just love when things can turn out that way?

    I am here via Michele

  7. Wow, the blog looks great, Mar.

    I'm allergic to smoking and where I live, you can't smoke in any restaurant or bar, or anywhere else except on your own property. The clean air is great for us asthmatics.

    Michele sent me, and I wish she would send me all the way to Barcelona. I love it there.

  8. This post surprised me because I'd forgotten about smoking sections in restaurants. I haven't lived in a city that allowed smoking in restaurants in over a year and a half.

  9. Here via Michele's

    wow it is so weird to hear about a non smoking section. we have a clean indoor air act that allows no smoling in public places.

  10. No drinking? What were you thinking?

    Michele sent me again.

  11. Mmm. Suddenly I want a drinky poo.

    Here via Michele's! Have a lovely day!

  12. Margalit: we had white wine!! no thirsty saturday evening!

  13. Hola, Mar, Michele snet me back this time!

  14. Nice to see your site again... nice updates. I agree with your smoking views. It can be a distraction while eating.
    Michele Sent me.

  15. Here via Michele and enjoyed my visit.

    Be well.

  16. I love the photos you took! My friends look at my like I'm a freak because I'm constantly taking pictures of things.

    And the smoke thing ... it bothers me too. I quit smoking 19 years ago when I burned a hole in the seat of my brand new car. However, I will put up with it to a point during a celebration with ***koff*** smoker friends.

    Hi! Michele sent me.

  17. So glad you shared the pictures - when we stayed in Barcelona we were just around the corner from that Gaudi house (the name eludes me just now, but it's THAT one) and I kept walking and staring because it looks different every time you see it, doesn't it?

    Also, as another long-term ex-smoker, am delighted for you that you got the non-smoking table, YAY!

    For some reason your link has dropped off our sidebar but I'm scurrying to put it back up there now.

  18. I like your new blog. California has only smoke free restaurants and I am so glad. What a beautiful place for dinner. I have never been to Spain, but hope to visit the country some time.

  19. Oh that's GREAT that you got a non-smoking table after all. Germany is still so far behind the rest of Europe in the no smoking thing, BUT when I went out for coffee the other morning, the café did actually have a non-smoking section and I can't recall any smoke wafting over our way.

    Glad you had a good time. :-)

  20. Looks like a great place! I'm glad you got a non-smoking table.

    Have a good day.


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