Friday, January 20, 2006

Photo Friday

It is Photo Friday today!!
Current challenge: pink

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Mother Nature's pink. Does it get any prettier? or pinkier?

(A bougainvillea, can you tell I love this plant? and can you guess I have to look it up every time because I still don't learn how to spell its name?)

A vacation pic from last december in Santiago, Chile, local summertime.


  1. I love that plant, too! It surely is the most beautiful of all the viney tree like flowering plants, ever! I remember the first time I became accutely aware of it was soooo many years ago on the Big Island..(Hawaii) where it was growing everywhere in an abundance of colors...some I'd never seen before...Is that picture from your Garden Mar? It's fantastic!

    Here from Michele today!

  2. This is a vacation pic from last december in Santiago, Chile. Summertime flowering! I will update the post, thanks, Naomi!

  3. What a great picture!
    We love PINK here at LBC!
    Have a great day!

  4. hey there! I love it! Are you surprised that I love pink?

    ok, so I joined the Photo Friday thing... do I go find a pink photo to post now? is that how it works?

  5. OOLH: I updated the post because of your question, thanks.
    Ladybug: you too have a great day, thanks!
    Killired: you got it!

  6. Love the hot pink.
    It has the same colors as my azaleas in Mississippi.

    Here from Michele.

  7. Such a beautiful shot!

    I remember these flowering in Guam when I lived of the things I miss about the tropics!

    Here from Michele's! Hi!

  8. I love bougainvillea too, and like Naomi, the first time I saw it growing (except in a pot) was on the Big Island. I have also seen it in Bermuda and Barbados, where it gets at least 18 feet tall and forms the most gorgeous hedges you'll ever see. I love the salmon/coral-colored ones!

    Michele sent me this time, Mar.

  9. It sure doesn't get any pinker.
    Here from Michele's this eve.

  10. Love the pink :)

    Here from Michele's!

  11. I love those. They are one of the few things I miss about living in Miami!

    Thanks for visiting Lam(b) today.

  12. Nice pic, that came out nice.


  13. Yeah, I could have snapped that shot, but mine would have been blurry and out of focus.

  14. Lovely photo. And I'm not a big fan of Pink!

    Happy Saturday from Michele's meet and greet

  15. Beautiful! I still can't believe I posted a pink photo and didn't know it was the assignment for Photo Friday...which I have yet to play (consciously)!

  16. hi mar! here from michele's but i already have you on blogroll! thanks to you i joined the photo friday!

  17. Michele sent me again, Mar.

    I scrolled down a bit to comment on a different post. I love the picture of the bougainvillea. I've never had one but I read the name all the time in Sue Grafton's books. They take place in Santa Teresa (which I think is a thinly disguised Santa Barbara) and apparently bougainvillea blooms all over.

  18. Beautiful photo -- thanks for leaving such a sweet comment about mine, too!


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