Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen [ 69 ]: 123....

I saw this meme over at maryt's and since I had no ideas for this week's TT, I went ahead and copied it I thought it would be a good idea to use it for a TT, here is the adapted version.

12345 Meme
The adapted TT version is 1+2+3+4+(5-2)=13! voila!

1. Name one thing you do everyday.
* eat. More than once a day !

2-3. Name two things you wish you could learn.
I think we are all able to learn anything if we work on it, I wish I could have instant knowledge of the following:
* web site design
* French - although I should start with perfect command of the English language, that would definitely be a plus for this blog!

4-7. Name three things that remind you of your childhood.
* pictures
* some songs
* the smell of pine trees in the summer

8-11. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.
* Chocolate chip cookies
* Dark chocolate
* Chocolate donuts
* Chocolate anything
Notice all the calories? that's why I rarely eat those!

12-13. Name five two things/people that make you feel good.
* My loved ones
* a shower!

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And if you thought I was finally done posting skiing pictures: sorry, there are more! here is the full-size self-portrait you were most certainly missing. I am reflected on my son's ski goggles!


  1. You surpassed yourself with your mathematic talent ! And the result is really 13 ! I checked ! You are also specialist in taking very very discreet pictures where you CAN't recognize the person but HAVE to admit that she is on the picture ! It is a very nice shot !!!

  2. very nice. do you think you'll every suprise us with a picture where there isn't a camera covering your face?

  3. Clever idea for a list. Love the self-portrait.

  4. I imagine all the good time you had in Alpen! Nice to see your young ski's champion on the photo!

  5. good shot - you look great ( i think) hehe

    may god bless your new year

  6. I have to say Mar, that your command of the English language is far superior to many Brits!

    I love the photo, ther reflection of you in the goggles is fantastic. Great shot!

    I bumped into you over at Michele's today :)

  7. nice catch! my first entry is up now to...

  8. This is brilliant! I especially like your chocolate section. We are twins, separated at birth! LOL
    I'm doing the De-Lurking Anniversary over on Princess. Hope you stop by!

  9. I'm sensing a theme on 8-11. You've just seriously lowered my resistance to all that holiday candy still sitting around.

  10. Well, you're a meme genius for sure! You can take ANY meme and make it work to your advantage! LOL! Good job! And I surely agree on the SHOWER! Mmmm... heading there shortly!

    Just one last thing - Mr. 19 has SUCH handsome lips and nose! OH! And YOU look good there too! :) ROFL! You crack me up!

  11. Love that self portrait! Your son is cute!

  12. What gorgeous picture, Mar...AND, a gorgeous son!
    I like this MEME and how you cleverly condensed to add up to! Very Clever, my dear.

    Thanks so much for your kind and caring words...We press on as best we can.

  13. your english really is perfect, as far as I can tell! I wish I spoke better french and then I could be your interpreter! :)

  14. Well don't you look like a professional on the snow. You have a very handsome son.


  15. Number theory for the win!

  16. Chocolate as such does not have many calories. The sugar added to it has. Try bitter chocolates.

    Michele says Hi too!

  17. Good portrait, Mar! But we can't tell what you look like....LOL

  18. Very clever and the lady reflected in the sun-glasses, I think she is on her way to Portillo or La Parva.
    Or a swim at Piscina Antilen?

    It's a shame we have not been to Santiago de Chile since 97/98. Next Christmas?

    Wish you a great voyage. I do not reveal much when saying I envy you. Hope you will be able to post both text and Photos when there.

  19. Very nice TT!! Did you say chocolate?? LOL Love the photo, very artist!!

    Happy Thursday!

  20. I came by from Michele's to thank you for posting this incredible photo - love the self-portrait aspect of it, too! - and for finding me on Facebook. I love how you view the world!

  21. That was such a fun post!

    Welcome to the Blogaholics club! I'm adding you to my Blogaholics blogroll, if you don't mind.

    Livin' With Me

  22. That's an interesting approach to the TT.

  23. Just stopping by to say 'hi', and let you know that you've been tagged. Oh no, I hear you say :). Don't worry if you don't have the time to do it - I know tags can be a bit time-consuming sometimes. Have a lovely day!

  24. Very interesting you are a chocolate lover! Your son is handsome and how cute are you reflected in his ski goggles?

  25. Fun idea for a TT!
    Thanks for visiting my expensive cities TT.


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