Wednesday, January 16, 2008

off I go

Santiago in the winter (July/August), financial district

Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.
Christopher Columbus

Thanks for your wonderful comments and kind get-well wishes as well as tips! They are all highly appreciated. The meds seem to be working, I want to be very optimistic!... Tonight I am off to Santiago, Chile, for 3 weeks: urban vacations visiting family and friends. It's a 13-hour direct flight from Madrid... The Andes won't be as snow-covered as in the above picture, nevertheless: stay tuned!

(Acknowledgments to wikipedia and google images for letting me copy and paste the above images and to the authors for letting me use them ! more maps here )


  1. Oh ! it looks very beautiful ! Have a very nice flight and nice holidays of course too ! I am glad that you feel better and apparently your can even type !
    Guten Flug und viel Vergnügen !

  2. Have a happy trip. God bless.

  3. Have a wonderful time and stay safe in your travels!

  4. That is great that the meds are working! Oh Wow, those pictures are so beautiful, you're gonna have so much fun! Happy vacationing! Thanks for the camera info. :-)

  5. What a beautiful place to be bound for. I hope you have a great visit and that the meds continue to help. Take care of yourself and have a fun trip, Carver

  6. Ugh! And THERE is the rub of me and travel. I can't even IMAGINE 13 hours on a plane in one stretch! I would have to be heavily sedated! LOL! Have sooooooooo much fun visiting with your family! ... Boy... you sure don't stay HOME much...

  7. I'm SURE you'll have a fantastic stay. It does look beauuuuutiful.

    13 hours is nothing. We had 21 hours to Paraguay. Sweden-Frankfurt-Sao Paolo-Asuncion. No problems to cope with it, strangely enough. I suppose it's because I love to travel.

    We'll miss you. I'll keep an eye for updates :-)

  8. Have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Trip, Mar....I know you love visiting your family and as I recall some fabulous meals are in your future! (lol) I can still remember one picture in particular that you posted of a specoal dish that you ate there....
    Have a very safe trip, my dear and enjoy!!! (I look forward to the pictures you will share with us...)

  9. Mar, beautiful shots of the Andes and Santiago, chile. Enjoy your visit with family and friends. Glad you're feeling better! :)

  10. Santiago looks amazing nestled behind those mountains. A great destination. I hope the flight is relaxing!


  11. oh that's so pretty! I might have to go there one day...when I'm independently wealthy and do my world tour! LOL

    Okay, maybe just in my dreams.

  12. Dear you, this a standard comment:
    My Glasses are left in the office.

    I'm very grateful for your concerns regarding my daughter. That helped her and me too.

    This is written by the help of Anna, as i can not see whar I write, but I do by many yers of key board practise
    I hope it's readable

    I will commentyour post, when my glasses are over my nozetip again.


    I miss Santiago

  13. Have fun and your poor arm!!!! :( I hope you get better soon and have a wonderful trip.


  14. Mar, have a wonderful time and take lots of photos for us!

  15. Dear Mar, guess I would go back to our beloved city of Santiago.
    First visit in the Easter 1993, we both felt at home. Can you believe that?

    Hope you will have a wonderful time with family and old friends.

  16. Looks soooo great - you know I love mountains - have a great one!

  17. Have a beautiful trip and take care of yourself. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will continue to improve healthwise.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  18. I'm highly jealous of all of that beauty! Wow wow wow... How fun it is to live in europe and vacation!

  19. Mar, enjoy! I have a cousin ( by marriage)who is Chilean and I always want to go down there and meet her family!
    Can't wait to hear about your trip!
    And photos...

  20. I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Be safe.


  21. Sure you will have a wonderful time in Chile! I can't wait to know the next of your trip!


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