Monday, June 04, 2007

about an 80th birthday

There are moments in life one knows they will be remembered forever... Happy events where family and friends gather. FIL's official birthday celebration started with cocktails at this lovely terrace overlooking the Elbe River. Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes from the blogosphere!!! The "real" guests wrote birthday wishes on a piece of paper, each little paper was tied to the balloon ...

and then it was set free! if you look carefully you can see the balloon as a tiny red spot, flying away ...

The terrace is such a special and lovely place, it was painted in 1902 by Max Liebermann, Lindenterrase, the lime tree terrace:

Dinner was fabulous!!! a wonderful gastronomic creation. Afterwards - not only - the ladies were busy talking about the white - butter sauce! here is a detail of the table decoration :

And here you can see more flowers decorating the main table:

And last but not least, strawberry variations , a wonderful and delicious creation :
The in-laws, my MIL's only sister (who flew in from Las Vegas) and another couple (cousins) from Southern Germany arrive on wednesday for one week, so I will be busy, busy. Mainly taking pictures , talking and having fun! And speaking of birthdays: next on the list is our son, who will be Mr. 19 very soon!


  1. It can't be! I am the first!
    Wonderful pictures, Mar. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

  2. A week long birthday celebration! What fun. I'm sure you'll have marvelous pictures!

  3. Mar, the photos are great, especially the one of the flowers on the main table. I wish I could enlarge it!

    Is that the birthday boy at the top? He's a looker!

  4. Just looks like a lovely celebration. Hope you enjoy your company. Can't wait to see more pictures.


  5. What a wonderful celebration you all had. Sigh makes me wish I had a large family to celebrate things with.
    Have a great week, told I would get back here eventually ( took longer then I thought sorry !!)

  6. Wow - looks like a great time!! Those strawberries look heavenly!!


  7. The balloon is a wonderful idea! It looks like a lovely place to have a party and the food and flowers look equally gorgeous! Lovely pics :)

  8. OMG! That is like real ART!!!! Gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Love the gorgeous flowers, such a feast for the eyes!! The idea of the balloon, that is wonderful!

    Have a great week my friend!

  10. Itlooks as if it was a really fun time. I was able to see the red balloon flying away. I just love pictures like that because its like you can see a tiny little secret (the tiny balloon flying away) in them.

  11. Sounds wonderful and the dessert looks great too!


  12. That looks lovely! I'm sure Opa was delighted with his birthday celebration.

  13. Those are great pictures. Seems like a great time to celebrate!

    Michele sent me!

  14. oooOooo! SO much celebrating going on in your neck of the woods! I LOVE the pic of the balloon floating away ... just a weeeeeee speck in the sky! How cool!

    Best wishes to Mr. ALMOST 19 also.... hope his is equally good!

  15. What a wondeful event. And with your photo's we all became part of it.

    btw. When we're in Aires, we hope to pop over to our fav city Santiago too.

  16. Found your blog by chance and just wanted to say what a wonderful celebration. FAZ

  17. Oh Mar...This 80th Birthday Celebration looks absolutely LUCIOUS! The flowers on the maun table...GORGEOUS! So lush, and colorful, beyond words...! And that beautiful place...! I love the Heart Balloons...I hope you will be posting more pictures, my dear.


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