Sunday, February 05, 2006

everyday life


I stepped on a cd today. Again. I was home, but it was my son's room. It really drives me crazy to find all kinds of things lying around the room, I am not used to look under my feet at home, I want to have the feeling I am in a regular place where people behave accordingly. But not my teenager. Believe me, he has a closet and shelves to organize his belongings. This kid will turn 18 in four months. What have we done wrong???? I'd better take another look at my mom's roses. They are so pretty, I captured them in this little collage. Again from Picasa. Now off to do other things. Not off to pick up a cd, though! Posted by Picasa


  1. I think this is the reality of all teenaged boys. You haven't done anything wrong: it's simply genetic.

    They get over it. Eventually.

    I know I did.

  2. Carmi, is right, Mar, you did nothing wrong! My son was the same way when he was 13-20, but now he is more like me.

    Michele sent me this time.

  3. beautiful roses!!

    I agree with carmi and kenju. He's a teenage boy. He can't help it. :-)

    Here from Micheles!

  4. ah yes, i remember those days. I've lived with plenty of slobs in my time.

  5. In my case the CDs end up piled up on the floor because there's simply nowhere else for them to go. I need more space!

    Here via Michele's

  6. Dear Mar,
    It's not just a reality for teenage boys, but I actually think that teenage girls are worse - more stuff EVERYWHERE!!

    You haven't done anything wrong. You're a great parent and eventually, he'll realize that he can/should pick things up.

    P.S. Michele sent me!

  7. I don't have teenagers, but I do have a messy bedroom. The good news is he will eventually have a bedroom in his own place and you will have your floors back.

  8. LOLOL pray for his wife.

    Rad pics.


  9. Love that collage. You are so talented!

  10. Here from Michele tonight Mar!

    So in other words you take your life in your hands when you go into your son's room? A Booby Trap of sorts? (LOL) I know it's not funny, it's just that it seems like it's what kids do, no matter what they've been taught...

    Very pretty pictures, my dear...

  11. OOLOH- that's exactly what I keep telling my son! I will break a leg by stepping on some item which doesn't belong on the floor! such is life...:)

  12. Oh, I go around stepping on crunchy bits all the time! They leave stuff everywhere and the hard stuff is usually under the soft stuff so you don't notice until you've done the damage. We're at the point where we're thinking about just throwing everything into a large box and charging them money to get it out! :-)

    Don't worry, they're all like that. All you can do is set a good example and hope they'll get it some time.

  13. Welcome to my reality. I just spent 1.5 hours picking up Little LadyBug's room. It was a pit. She likes tiny toys and they get everywhere...

  14. Gorgeous roses! I'm sure if you threw all of his CDs out the window he would get the message pretty quickly. :)

  15. I once put a note on my teen-age son's bedroom door. It was to the housekeeper and told her not to clean the room, if it was a mess. Over time, the sign turned yellow, she did not clean, and it never phased the kid.

    Today, he and his wife have a spotless house which makes my home look messy and lived in. So relax, time takes care of teen-agers.

  16. Hello, Michele sent me.
    My sister was a one-woman desaster area, while I was a neat freak. It's in you or it's not - no rhyme or reason.


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