Friday, May 09, 2014

Street and sport

                                                          street    sport

A street in Briançon from my archives, a few days before the Tour de France passed through. Note the reference to the green, polka dot, and yellow jerseys! (colors are explained here) The tour will begin this year on July 5th in Leeds, I will be for sure watching the stages as I love the aerial views, it's sightseeing from my comfortable sofa.  I must insert here that I don't enjoy riding a bike myself. I have watched the tour live on the street in several ocassions while on summer holidays in France: it was fun and exciting but... the bike riders went by way too fast!


  1. What a nice combination of the themes ! My sister in law also loves to watch the Tour for the same reason as you !

  2. Beautiful shot! I too am more of a spectator then participant :)

    My photo hunt entry for this week

    Happy weekend and photo hunting :)

  3. Great shot and take on the theme. I love the colorful bike sculpture.

    One of my San Francisco trips was about 20 years ago when my brother participated in the iron man triathlon. We went to strategic places throughout the event to catch a glimpse of him. The cycling part through the mountains made my heart stop. I don't see how they do that. The triathlon he used to do is called escape from alcatraz and they swim the first part from the old prison to San Francisco then bike up into the mountains and run the last part. Just watching parts of that exhausted me.

    I can't even begin to imagine how the elite athletes handle the Tour de France. My sister hates to drive and her main form of transportation is her bike but she lives in flat places and says she wouldn't be able to do it if she lived in the mountains. Sadly I'm the overweight out of shape one of my siblings in spite of being the youngest girl. Sigh . . .

  4. this is very cool. i used to wait for the cyclist of the Tour of the Philippines race on the street back when I was growing up. a highlight of our summer.

    frankly my dear.

  5. The Tour de France will start in Leeds? Isn't Leeds in England?? If so, sounds like a Tour of England as well as France! :O

  6. Cool shot! Such vibrant colours! Love the decorative bicycles. Happy Mother's Day Marcy!

  7. Nice shot for this week's photo hunt.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Nice shot for the themes! Cool colors.

    Iowa Voice


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