Tuesday, November 12, 2013

R is for rococo

Rococo , less commonly roccoco, also referred to as "Late Baroque", is an 18th-century artistic movement and style, which affected several aspects of the arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, interior design, decoration, literature, music and theatre. The Rococo developed in the early part of the 18th century in Paris, France as a reaction against the grandeur, symmetry and strict regulations of the Baroque. Source

Rococo is the word, featuring the Electoral Palace of Trier in Germany (some vacations ago), considered one of the loveliest rococo palaces in the world. Today, the Electoral Palace is the seat of the District Supervisory Authorities. A rococo room , with capacity for 190 people, can be rented for conferences.

"The three wings of the palace were built between 1615 and 1756 in a Rococo style that is accented by a peachy-pink paint color against the white plaster details.(...). Since the Palace is a working administrational building, it is rare to gain access to the inside, and so the Garden is the real attraction.The Gardens feature a variety of styles from Baroque to Greco-Roman and are spotted with classical statues." Source


  1. I am always fascinated by the very complicated decor on the old buildings.
    It took an amazing amount of patience and artistry to create such works of art.

  2. If it ain't baroque, don't fix it.

  3. beautiful!

    lol on roger's comment.

  4. Great word and shots for R. I remember as a young person when I first encountered that word I loved the way it sounded so everywhere we went I'd ask my parents, Is that rococo? even when it obviously wasn't.

  5. What a wonderful place to turn up to each morning for the workday.
    Joy - ABC Team

  6. I love it--and now I know what it's called! This is beautiful architecture.

  7. A grand building!
    I am stunned by this structure!

  8. Really beautiful architecture!

    abcw team

  9. beautiful architecture captured in the shots.


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