Friday, November 22, 2013

photohunts: over ~ rusty

0809 387 (Medium)

Rusty napkin holder seen at a small  seafood stall right on the Mediterranean . There were plenty of napkins in case somebody knocked the wine over!


  1. It's wonderful to have you stop by and visit with me today "Mar"....Marcy.
    I will begin to follow your blog again by adding you to my Blogger Blog List.

    Have a great week ahead while I take a 'leave of absence' for our holiday.
    See you soon.

    By the way, a great 'rusty' capture.

  2. Great take on the themes. I love the way the rusty napkin holders look.

  3. That is a neat design! Great find for both themes :)

  4. Love the design...the rust did not bother me at all! :)

  5. Thanks for dropping by.
    Love the pattern of the napkin holder too.. Must be an old one coz I don't see metal ones anymore.
    Have a great weekend

  6. A rusty napkin holder... hmmm, I'd mark the restaurant down for that! ;(

  7. I guess the rust could help get iron in your diet...yuck.

    My post shows a white bird
    ( egret ? } framed by some glasseless windows!

  8. What a waste of wine!
    Happy Hunting y'all ~


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