Friday, June 29, 2012

The saturday photo hunts

This week's themes are street art (Gattina's Saturday's Photohunting)
 and flash (Sandi's  The Saturday PhotoHunt )

"Peace for all that lives on earth, care about all that needs to live".  Painted for Lorenz, Luca, Livio, and for all children of the world, according to the bottom line and my own, free translation.

I didn't need a flash to photograph this street art, because it was daylight when I visited in 2009, one of about 100 from the East Side Gallery in Berlin, probably the largest open air gallery of the world :  After the Wall came down in 1989, hundreds of artists from all over the world gathered and transformed the eastside of the Wall that had been untouchable up to now, with their paintings, giving the Wall a new face in a new time. 

It is a fascinating place and an international memorial for freedom. An adapted re-post from 2009.   More on the gallery here.  More images can be seen  here.


  1. Lovely street art with a great message!

  2. Mar this is fantastic. What a great thing to do with the wall and great message within the art. It's strange but I almost would have missed the Berlin Wall coming down if it hadn't been the one thing my mother responded to after her stroke (she died six months later and that whole time is a blur for me).

    She didn't have the concentration to even watch television much but one day when I got to her hospital room after a short break the TV was on and my mother was crying. She started talking about the Berlin wall coming down and what it meant to families who had been separated for so long. I briefly became optimistic about mother because she had lost the will to live (one side was paralyzed) but I thought it was such a good sign that she was responded like her old self to that historic and wonderful event. Your post brought it back as if it was yesterday. My mother was a social worker and very compassionate but after her stroke she wasn't herself (understandably) but for that brief time as she watched the Berlin Wall come down she was herself again. I realize my little family drama is nothing compared to what so many people went through during those hard decades of loss and separation but in my selfish way, that's what I remember.

    1. Thanks for you comment, Carver. Your mother surely was a remarkable woman. It's amazing how the blogging world brings us together. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  3. wow what a sight to behold the walls covered with artistic expressions. i would love to see that someday.

  4. What a beautiful mural and thanks for the translation. I enjoyed reading Carver's story about her mom too. Happy weekend everyone!

  5. Cute mural and it is so meaningful. I wonder if there is a documentary on the Berlin Wall coming down. I was still young to know that it happened.

  6. I remember seeing the Berlin wall come down on TV and 6 months ago I visited Berlin (and Europe) for the first time. I went to memorials and museums to that time. It was a sobering sight. Of course the commercial interests have tacky chunks of 'Berlin wall' concrete for sale that could be from any time. Checkpoint Charlie was a commercial and tacky tourist spot. I like how you have combined the two themes.

    My flash is at

  7. Very cool mural. I bet it was even more amazing seeing it in person. Thanks so much for sharing. Great photo for flash.
    Sending you hugs,

    I joined photo hunt once again too!

  8. That's a cool piece of art work that I can definitely see appealing to children as well as adults. :)

  9. Perfect pictures ! It's a shame that I have never been to Berlin, but it is on my list !

  10. A beautiful shot for this week's theme of flash!

    Have a super weekend.

  11. I would have LOVED to go around with you to see this incredible section of Berlin...I can only imagine what it was like from my office chair.


  12. a beautiful shot for a beautiful artwork. :)

    check out mine:

  13. I was in Berlin many, many years ago. It was a different city in those days. I would love to go back.
    Now... I hope you have a 'Zany' week~

  14. I'm sure i would love to see the open air gallery in person!

  15. I was not familiar with this Open Air Gallery, at all, until your previous post...It is great to see all the pictures and to read about the History of this amazing Wall Of Art....!
    LOVE your photo, my dear!!

    Hope all is good with you & yours, dear Mar.


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