Monday, September 06, 2010

to whom it may concern

Scene from a park near East Lansing, Michigan

Jetlag (7-hour difference) makes me nap at strange times, busy posting pictures on (private) facebook when I am awake...the in-laws arrive on Wednesday for one week...blogging will be resumed...sometime soon. Cheers!!


  1. Enjoy your company!!!
    And, Mar, I loved this photo...serenity!!

  2. I hope you have a good visit with you in laws. This is a beautiful reflection shot.

  3. This is a beautiful photo, jet lagged or not :) Enjoy the visit with the in-laws :)

  4. I LOVE how FREE you feel to just come and go at your own whim! I wish we all could be like that! No PRESSURE! I admire you Mar! Have fun with the family!

  5. I am hoping you are having fun and enjoying your US holiday. I predict you'll adjust to the time change just about the time you head for the airport and home. ;)

  6. I was already wondering what happened and started to write an email, when I thought I should first check your blog.
    Bin beruhigt ruhe Dich schön aus soweit das mit Schwiegereltern möglich ist, lol !

  7. Well, you are in Michigan - even in Lansing.

    Have you yet been inside the Capitol in Lansing?
    I was with my Son, some years ago. He lives in the Saint Joseph area.
    We will go over in 2011....

    Understand your jet-lag, but I think it's more severe returning east and home in Europe.

    Have a nice stay.


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