Thursday, January 08, 2009

purple rain

When I first read that the color for this week was purple, I felt kind of lost since I don't have anything purple! or so I thought... Then I turned around and,  oh, surprise: there was purple in the house and I didn't have to go out for the challenge. A few items, so I opted for a small collage.

1. from my champagne caps collection: grapes 2. I got a purple Xmas card !! 
3. a purple bottle. 4. a purple envelope, all the way from Denmark. 5. Boldo tea bags.

True Colours Thursday is brought to you by Poopsie Blue.


  1. Purple is not a color I really like so I think I don't have anything in my house either at least at the first glance.
    I went to Brugge yesterday (there was NO snow at all !) and visited the expo of the ice scuptures. Gorgious ! I hope the pictures came out nice !
    I saw snow in Spain yesterday on TV and even very cold weather in Barcelona ?

  2. Lovely collage! You did very well with your "just a little bit" of purple!

  3. Looks like we all thought the same about Purple...
    you did very well though :-)

  4. hehe.. yep i struggled at first with purple.

    Love your collage!

  5. Lovely purples, one ane all! I'm not much of a purple person either -- I would be very hard pressed to find any around my house. You did well!

  6. A delightful collage!
    And, I know I don't always make True Colours easy, but isn't that part of the fun... I struggle too!
    And, belated New Years Greetings to you, so glad you joined in again!

  7. I love purple (see the color of my blog template!) and I love your collage.

    Honestly when I saw the title of your post I was expecting to see a picture of the rain that had been tinted purple either by nature or by you. Either would have been totally cool. Oh well.

    I'm so sad to see so many folks who don't like purple here. :( That's okay though...more purple for me! :D

  8. an excellent collage! beautiful job.

  9. you have found a great collection of purple things.

  10. Isn't it amazing when you suddenly see things you didn't even really notice you had....I Love This!
    And all of those Purple Items are charming, my dear....!

  11. Actually purple reminds me of Xmas :-)
    Great photo collage!
    Wishing you a great end to your week.

    Btw: Sorry I have not been around that much lately. My back still hurt and its hard to type.

  12. You have a great collection of purples. I love the colour of that bottle.

  13. I keep a hold of "1 - The Champagne:))
    As a true Cruiser

  14. Prince's Purple Rain Album truly rocks even after 25 years - grab it and turn your speakers up to 10 :D


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