Friday, November 21, 2008

La Petite France (1)

Shots from La Petite France ( "The Small France"), a beautiful quarter of the city of Strasbourg . It offers the tourist many historic buildings, small streets and nice restaurants and shops. We only spent a couple of hours here last September and it was unfortunately a cold and dark morning.

La Maison des Tanneurs, also known as "Gerwerstub" and pictured below, was built in 1572. Formerly a tannery - it became a restaurant in 1949 and was restored in 1972 for its 4th century anniversary. From their website.

The small roof on the right hosts a café!


  1. Seeing dates like 1572 attributed to a building amazes me, Mar. Here in the States there's only a few places that date back that far. Hell, the oldest continually inhabited European town here was established in 1565 and it was mosquito hell. I've seen a few houses in old Dutch towns in NY that go back to the early 1600s.

    Michele sent me over to see you, Mar. Hi!

  2. Wooohoooo! Now I know why you lured me over here. You know I would be totally charmed by Strasbourg and just HAVE TO add it to my wish-to-go list, right? *giggles*

    What a charming place. I would LOVE to go there yes. Such adorable houses... and I'd be so excited over a coffee out at that café in the water!

  3. Thanks for the virtual tour!

  4. Oh, so beautiful Mar!!! Wish I were there.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Looks awesome ... I wanna go!

    Michele says hello!

  6. Ahhhh... meet for coffee at that cafe? Say 20 minutes?

  7. I tried to post a comment before but this new comment system tends to eat them so I am trying again.

    Michele sent me. This village looks so charming, I'd love to visit! Oh (sigh) if only I could get to Europe again....

  8. Beautiful houses ! I love Fachhäuser (don't know the word in English) there are also a lot in Germany as you probably know.
    I am feeling much better, my Egptian pharma guy gave me the right thing !

  9. So pretty! And yeah, we Americans don't know what old is. I soooo need to go and see Europe. I wonder if that will ever happen. sigh

  10. Needless to say, I still think it's charming, beautiful, interesting and exciting to see! :) Makes me smile at least...

  11. FABULOUS Pictures of a fascinating place....It is hard to process 1572(?) Amazing that they turned it into a restaurant abd also later restored it!
    Al the buildings are very beautiful, Mar.....


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