Thursday, January 03, 2008


"A clean house is a sign of a broken computer!" or a broken internet connection in my case! got back from a great ski vacation (lots of snow and sunshine in the French Alps, no broken bones) to find out we didn't have access to internet at all. So I spent a whole day doing laundry and cleaning the house, wondering what the blogosphere was doing, care to come over for some coffee before dust takes over again?

Due to a - much needed - little rain we had no electricity a while ago. Then: oh, miracles do happen! looked at my router and there it was, happily displaying all little green lights showing an internet connection. I dropped everything and here I am, trying to post as long as it is possible and then off to visit, how lucky can I get today!!

Here's a picture of Santa's family skiing, yes: I saw them enjoying a well deserved ski holiday right after Christmas...! One year I stood right in front of Mike Rutherford (Genesis) getting out of a ski lift, this time it was Santa!


  1. Welcome back! You got to ski with Santa! That's awesome.

  2. Youpie, that's nice that you are back and had such nice weather, snow and sunshine. This year I heard it was very good everywhere in the ski stations. (Remember last year that was awful !) I finally had a very nice Christmas in Amsterdam (but all that is on my blog) although the city is very depressing at Christmas ! No decoration at all or very poor !
    I wonder what happens with your internet connection which comes and goes it must be bewitched. Was that really the guy from Genesis ? Great !

  3. Welcome back and we missed you! Happy New Year, Mar!!!!

  4. Hi Mar,

    I'm so glad you had a great ski vacation. I love the shot of Santa and his family. Very cool. I'm glad your internet connection returned. I've missed you. Wishing you a very happy new year.

  5. "A clean house is the sign of a broken computer"

    Ha ha! I love it. Our computer sort of broke down over Christma but luckily we have two more backups, otherwise my house would have been sparkling! :-)

    Happy New Year to all of you and all the best for 2008.

  6. Welcome HOOOOOOME Mar! You have been missed! I have been too busy to blog much myself -- but I miss you when I'm away as well as when you are away! I would give almost ANYTHING to be off breaking a bone skiing in the Alps right now! LOL! But... I'll settle for coffee at your CLEAN house! MINE is a disaster! With no hope in the forseeable future! (how DO you spell forseeable???)

  7. Love the pic Mar, LOL! Very glad to see you back on line and to hear that you had a great holiday. Hope you have some more photos to share with us?

    If you get the chance, do watch 'The Green Mile'. It is a wonderful film, but it should come with a box of tissues. I like Love Actually too :)

  8. glad to see that Santa is taking a ski break after all the exertions of the season. Welcome back and Happy New Year!


  9. Welcome Home, Mar....! Glad to read you are back in one piece and that no one had any injuries!
    Thar is the cutest picture! Many Santa's....LOL! Where were they going??
    I hope your Internet connection problems are begind you my deae....Anything to get away from cleaning!!

  10. Glad you are back and the computer is cooperating!! ;) Very cute photo of the Santa family, even they deserve a ski vacation!!

    Happy New Year my friend!!

  11. Welcome Home and Happy New Year!

  12. Hey, Mar :-))

    [pours cup of coffee]

    Sounds like you had a lovely holiday - did you manage to get Santa alone for five minutes to tell him how good you've been ready for next year!

    Happy New Year, my dear friend.


  13. Bienvenida de regreso y espero que lo hayas pasado muy bien.
    Mi mamaita va a SCL del 9 al 7 de febrero a Peñaflor exactamente. Yo cuidaré de papaito que aun esta con su brazo delicado de la operacion.

    Felicidades amigui!

    (¸.´ (¸.` * ¸.´¸.*´¨)(¸.´ (¸.` * ¸.´¸.*´¨)(¸.¸.*
    (¸.´ (¸.` * ¸.´¸.*´¨)(¸.´ (¸.` * ¸.´¸.*´¨)(¸.´ ¸.`*
    Que EL AMOR este año que viene este presente en todo
    ___Que sea la brújula que te indique el rumbo exacto
    _____Que el amor este permanentemente en tu corazón
    _______Que este te ayude, te fortalezca y viva en ti
    _________Que ilumine siempre tu vida, sin fin
    __________Que el amor sea un dulce cantar
    _____________Que el amor dure y sea
    ________________Primero nunca es
    ____________________tes solo(a)

  14. Skiing lodge and a hot toddy....yes!!!! And the Santa family I bet was a hoot swishing down the slopes!!!!

    Glad to have you back...

    maybe I need to loose the power/cable for a while...I know a couple of showers/bathtubs that really need to be scoured!!!

  15. Funny pic :) And thanks for stopping by my site and commenting too! Hopefully you will travel over to Norway to visit me again :)

  16. Lucky Santas


    Felize Navidad

    Happy New Year

    Godt Nyttår

    btw. Yeah, I did find some posts about the Lleia eruption

  17. So glad you didn't break anything...and yes it is amazing what I can get done here if my Internet is down. It is sad really.

  18. Welcome back, the internet has been a bit empty without you :-)

    Oh, just love the Santa's skiing! well earned vacation... *giggles*

  19. Welcome back, mar. Happy New Year!


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