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It seems I have lost the ability to post on my own, I need directions so I am giving this feast a try today...for a change! And because my blog friend is hosting this one and it was easy to copy and paste, lol!
friday's feast

Imagine that you are deaf, dumb and insensitive to touch.What other image of happiness could you have?
I tremendously treasure my eyes!! now that I need my glasses almost permanently even more. So I would still be able to see nature, beautiful colors, use my digital camera...

Do you collect anything?
I have a postcard collection. Ever since I decided they were too pretty and sent with too much care to end up in the recycling bin.
Oh, and I have a small collection of hearts, mostly wooden ones. This began in the French Alps because they love to use them as decoration on nearly everything. That's why I get one every year.

When do you start your Christmas?
Around Dec 1st. But we go away for the holidays for two weeks, therefore I limit the home decoration to a poinsettia, my advent candle holder and very few other things. That's it. The holiday itself is our Xmas present so I skip shopping and the crowds!

Christmas makes me sad, I can't help it. It is not only because my loved ones are so far away, I even used to get this bitter feeling when I was living at my parents' and we would have lovely family gatherings, there is something about being merry when there is so much (children's) misery in the world...

Main Course
What would you do if you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?
Oh, my, that took care of the blues I was getting from the above question! I would be paralyzed for sure, no clever reaction on my part!!

If you were in the library and had gas
I guess I would quickly find my way out, lol!!

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  1. Great ! You are playing too, I think all the Americans have a turkey indigestion or hangovers or both ! Or some died in family fights !
    I don't like Christmas either it makes me rather depressed I also don't know why. While Dario was a child I had my parents in my neck who where specialists in family fights. The most wonderful Christmases I ever had was in London when Dario lived there with his previous girl friend. They made it so nice, cosy and so funny it was the first time in my life I really enjoyed Christmas. But it only was for 4 years. Now with this dutch girl it's different and they invited us for Christmas to Amsterdam ! Holy @#§% !! Even Mr. Gattino who loves the entire world when he is left in peace isn't very keen to go there, lol !

  2. a collection of wooden hearts ... that's so nice!

    wonderful to "see" you playing! :)

    My Friday's Feast post

  3. hello, michele sent me ... i'm glad and pleased to meet you.
    Having lived in india i've had a few snake experiences .... i ran over one on my moped once ... but lets not talk about that. see you again ....

  4. My son feels the same way about Christmas as you do...even when he was young. But, I'm still a kid at heart, and I feel it's one day we can actually FORGET the misery of the world and seek peace of mind!

    My feast of Gattina's is posted.

  5. I know what you mean about Christmas, I get that way too.

  6. I used to collect post cards! I had hundreds of them from all over the world. They were up on a wall, but when we moved earlier this year I got rid of them. Sigh...I don't display my pins, they're still packed in a box. Again...sigh.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Christmas is a rough one for me, too.
    Happy Friday! :)

  8. Mar...I kind of gotten hung up on the Soooo Politacally Incorrect first sentence in the Friday Feast...."deaf and dumb"?????
    That is so not okay, I find it quite upsetting that anyone in 2007 would use this term....Sorry, my dear. But someone should bring this to the attention of whomever made these questions up..."dumb" is not even applicable at all!!! That may have been what people thought 100 years ago....BUT, it wasn't true then, either!

    So very many people I know find Christmas rather depressing...Some more than others...and many times it seems like a vague feeling that one cannot put their finger on "why"...but it sure isn't the "happy time" it supposed to be for so very many people...And then, they feel bad about that, because they are supposed to be HAPPY!

    Anyway....I hope you will have a wonderful time on your Annual Christmas Trip!

  9. Great answers. I love Christmas I'm afraid, but mainly because I love to give. I ended up putting 12 shoeboxes of gifts together this year that will get sent to children who otherwise would receive nothing.

  10. Wonderful feast!!!!
    Postcards that is wonderful to collect...I actually have a suitcase of old postcards left to us from my husband's grandmother.

  11. ROFL! Well... I totally missed the Gattina Edition of Friday Feast! DARN! You did great though! How fun!


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