Wednesday, November 14, 2007

in which I show my purse's content...

...I was tagged by Zhu with the purse meme...

Tagged!!! Zhu tagged asked me "Can I see your bag, please?". Well, I cannot refuse. After all, I had a small trip a few days ago and I haven't had time to gather much stuff in the purse I am carrying around nowadays!! I love bags in all sizes and I own more than what I actually need...and got two small ones in my last trip.... Back to business, here we go:

The purse: my favorite brand for casual bags, backpacks and the like. I bought this one on sale in France last summer.

It's pretty dark inside and what's in it is also dark, no wonder it takes me forever to find the right things...

I haven't had time to clutter my purse, all I am carrying now is what you see below, but these are the good times!

Clockwise: my glasses (because I always wear sunglasses when I go out the door, this is Spain!), lipstick (never leave home without it!), tissues, pen, my new camera in its case, wallet, coins, shopping list, cards holder (not credit cards, they are in my wallet), agenda (for important notes), cell phone (it's ancient but it still works!), and w·a·t·e·r, very important. I normally also carry coffee drops but I had the last one yesterday! And my keys are orderly placed where they belong (for a change...)

For extra things I have small bags, which will take care of magazines/ book/newspaper, umbrella, a snack if I am going to be away for a few hours, a note pad, etc. The list could be endless, I actually cannot go out carrying only a small bag!

As usual, feel tagged if you decide to play along. Just let us know in the comments so we can all have a peek!

Purses to see: Zhu's


  1. ...and almost all things are blue - matching each others :-)

  2. I see you love blue ! My purses are all Kipling, black and beige I don't like leather bags any more only very small once for special occasions.

  3. oooh, I love to see what's in other women's purses...I just got a new bag so mine's not cluttered either, Mar!

  4. Ohhh I love this idea. Can I clean my purse first? I just need to put the shopping receipts in the drawer and get rid of some old lists. It will be up as soon as I can...I've gotta clean and buy groceries today.

  5. OY... I don't even LIKE the purse I'm carrying right now! I liked it fine when I got it ... a million years ago. I just haven't switched it out yet to a black one. I really need a NEW one... hmmmm... I feel a shopping trip coming on! (oh yea... I'm going shopping with Amanda tomorrow!) MAYBE I'll do a "before" and "after" purse deal AFTER I go shopping! How's that? LOL!

  6. The contents of your bag are similar to mine except I always have clutter, unfortunately. The bicycle shots below make me think of one of my sisters who hates to drive and bike's everywhere. Good thing she doesn't have the ledges to deal with, woah.

  7. These are ALL sensible needeed things Mar...I see nothing frivolous..though I'm sure you carry some things like that sometimes...LOL... Well, at least I hope you do...! What do I mean? A candy bar? A bag of peanuts? Some make-up? Perfeume? Papere Clips? Truthfully none of those are frivolous either! Fun meme, my dear!

  8. Wow, you're so organized and neat ! Items are matching each other in colors and in size, no loose change or weird items way at the bottom of the Eastpack...

    I admire you !

  9. Hello Mar!
    The bag of a lady! All a story! It was a funny meme! I like small bags because I can limit things in it!!! You have more than me in your bag!

  10. Beautiful purse? Wish I could have this size and have all the things fit in just like you did with yours.

  11. Hmmm....I guess I could do this one....LOL. I like the purse I'm carrying now and I hate to change purses, although I have about a dozen of them in all colors. I have the same problem you do, in that my purse is black and so is everything in it - making stuff hard to find.

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