Monday, November 26, 2007

fun monday and more

Blue Momma is hosting this week's and she'd like to see our unfinished projects. Click here to see other participants!

She said she was thinking about home improvements but that's Mr Mar's department and this is my blog ::grin::. I won't show you the unfinished curtain in the dining room because you can't tell it isn't finished unless I tell you so and then everybody will know!! But my pictures is a major unfinished project in this household... (look, blue boxes!)

Until not long ago they even were in the original envelopes as delivered when I picked them up, remember those days?? They are now at least in boxes labeled with a piece of post-it, nothing definitive yet but somewhat in chronological order and ready to be processed... I am not thinking Photo Albums because they take up too much space and my shelves are already full. I should get rid of the bad pics but I have done so only with the blurred ones, everything else is being kept. Even the negatives, which isn't clever as every picture can be scanned...and that's one of the alternatives. But I read that a CD only lasts about 10 years! (pls correct me if I am wrong) so I am not burning one with pictures and don't want to add more information to my already old and slow computer. What to do? what do you do? how do you keep your pictures, old and new? Too many questions, I'd better get moving since there is more to this post, changing colors from blue to red and green:

The very talented and generous Hootin' Anni has awarded me her readers with this:
Get your own by visiting her, see her side bar! In Hootin' Anni's own words: To show my appreciation for all my newfound and longtime friends....I'm going to be handing out this Holiday Award up until Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th. Do you believe? A link back to my blog would be wonderful, but by no means necessary! NO PASSING THIS ON TO OTHERS. We're all too busy this time of year. If they want it....ask them to drop by Hootin' Anni's. It's a gift!! For being good all year!!!! HAVE YOU BEEN GOOD?

I won't answer that last question but I love this award to cheer me up during the season, thanks Hootin' Anni!
Happy Monday!


  1. The only solution is : buy a new laptop !! We have (i.e. Mr. Gattino has) put quite a lot of the flying around old pictures on DVDs. I have never heard that they wouldn't last for only 10 years ! Who said that ?
    Anyway the scanned pictures are on DVD since at least 3 years because he had started enthousiastically and now forgot about it.
    I also found out that taking a picture of the old picture and chase it through Picasa gives a much better and quicker result than scanning ! Ask das Christkind to bring you a new laptop !

  2. A NEW COMPUTER for Christmas, my dear Mar....! That would solve a lot of your problems...And make sure you get plenty of Memory....LOTS AND LOTS! Then you can scam in or whatever, ALL your pictures...AND, get an external hard drive as a back up! In case somrthing should happen to your Hard drive on the computer...You have the Back Up External Hard Drive....!
    Congrats on your Wonderful Award, especially if it cheers you up during these coming depressing weeks....I understand, my dear.

  3. What I used to do before was scan all my old pictures and now the new pictures from digital camera, is put it on my Powerpoint in slides like a show. You can even put music on it so while showing it, you have a background music to go along with your show.

  4. I've been thinking about the alternatives myself for a while now. Earlier I've put them on a CD or DVD, since that is easier to take with you.

    However, I'm planning to use my old computer as a backup harddrive and maybe buying an external harddrive soon too. That way I'll have 2 copies of the photos, which is needed in case of something happen to any of them. phew.

  5. Oh mar, I can understand about photos and getting them organized...[psssst, when composing my Monday posts for my blog today, you shoulda seen the mess I made with photo albums, looking for photos! GEEZ]

    Your photo organization is a task that will not ever be completed...I know the great photos you take, and I'm sure it'll continue always. :o)

    I'm glad to know you grabbed the GOOD LIST award.

    Happy day my friend!!

  6. Congrats on the award!

    You are so organised! My old film photos are still in the envelopes in a shoebox or two! Since I have been taking digital photographs I keep them on my computer nad abck them up on CD. However, I am going to buy a portable hard disc (that links to your computer via USB) and store them on there.

  7. I did something similar with prints of my photographs but mine are all old. I don't have prints of most of my digital photographs and I'm glad to know about the 10 year life span on discs. Thanks for posting that. I know you said you weren't positive about that but it's still good to think about the fact that they aren't permanent on disc.

  8. Great post, Mar! I'm going to visit Hooti'Anni and look into that reward!

    Come visit me at "Work of the Poet." :)

  9. I hear you on the needing to get organised with pictures thing bigtime !
    I have boxes and boxes of them lol pre digital.
    Good for you making it to Santas good list lol.

  10. I'm still an ALBUM girl! I like to be able to sit down with the kids and look through the books. BUT I DO have waaaaaaaaaaay too many stored on my computer -- and nowhere else. So if my computer crashes... I'm sunk! And OH I WILL BE SO MAD AT MYSELF! So I need to do some backing up... and then I have a million prints to get made! Yes, we shutter bugs DO create dilemmas for ourselves!


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